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    Eagerly waiting for mangoes. This season it is late!

    By March every year, the grapes season would end and we are treated to mangoes of different kinds. The king of the fruits attract every passerby to purchase for their homes. But this season the grapes were also seen less and the raw mango is yet to appear in the market. In that case it would be further late to have the best choice of varied mangoes. Probably there is no person in the world who does not like the taste of the fruit. What about your area? Are the mangoes making a beeline to the markets? if yes, please share the variety and the rates.
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    So far I have not seen good mangoes in the market. The only mango tree we have in our house open area is having a few mangoes but still, they have to further grow. We have plucked 3 or 4 mangoes and made some dishes with them by maxing with dal. This mango mixed with dal is a famous dish in AP and Telangana. In our house. we never leave a chance to make a dish.
    As mentioned by the author there are no fully grown raw mangoes are not available in the market. I am in Bangalore as of now and I have not seen mangoes here also. I don't when we are going to have these mangoes this year. I am thinking that fruits will be available only at the month-end. We have to start our search for goos raw mangoes for making the pickles that will be stored for a year or so. Anyhow, we are getting good grapes at a very reasonable price of Rs.60/- per Kg in Hyderabad.

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    Mango is grown in tropical countries all over the world. It is believed that the source of this fruit is in our country. In India, mango is cultivated on an estimated 6 lakh hectares of land, which is 80% of the world's production. However, the contribution of this fruit to exports is very small. Because most of us are predators. Mangoes are everyone's favorite, from raw to ripe. Due to the rains this year, the harvest has come a little late. Now, of course, raw mangoes are available. For now, you have to be satisfied with raw mango. Wait a little longer for ripe mangoes. However, due to the prevalence of diabetes, many people nowadays eat less ripe mangoes. However, it does not work without mango. Especially Bengalis are big fans of mango. So I am counting the days in its hope.
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    Mango is a delicious food and we have a large production of this fruit in our country. This year the crop seems to be delayed as few mangoes are being spotted in the fruit shops. India exports a good quantity of premium brand mangoes of high quality and they have a good demand outside. In Mumbai the mangoes are generally sold on dozen basis especially the hapus quality . Last year we bought a 2 dozen pack of hapus mangoes for Rs 450 and it was medium sized and was good in quality. That was coordinated by one of our neighbours and as we totally bought 80 packets of 2 dozen each the seller gave us a whopping 15% discount. If we go in the market to buy the same mango hen it would had costed us Rs 530. This year I have so far not bought any mangoes but in next 15-20 days if good supply of mangoes is there at a reasonable price then I would definitely get them.
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    This year the arrival of mango fruits appear to be sluggish though Bengaluru in the last year had comfortable stocks of varieties of fruits in March last year. Only two days back, I spotted Baiganpalli variety for which the rates were as high as Rs 190/- per kg while comparing its from the previous year selling at Rs 80 per kg last year.
    This is the indication of low yield of this crops this year. Baiganpalli in Bengaluru is a cheap variety of product and if the current price of the same is so high, the other varieties such as Mallika, Hapus, Langda would cost us beyond our expectations. Anyway, the situation could be eased within a couple of days with the arrivals of different varieties of mangoes.

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    Mango is said to be the king of fruits.

    In my city. Lucknow, 'Dussehri' mangoes are famous. Irrespective of the fame of other varieties in India and other parts of the world, we, the Lucknowites consider the Dussehri variety as the best. Generally, it comes to market comparatively late in the season. Since this season we are in the US with children and grandchildren, we will not be able to relish the Dussehris locally.

    In the US, all fruits including mangoes are available throughout the year. They procure the best varieties of mangoes from all over the world and make them available to buyers.

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    Today I bought the tiny variety( called Chandrakkaaran in our place) Mangoes. That variety is suited best for curry. So we made Mango Sambar today. The mangoes were costing One hundred and twenty rupees per kilogram.

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    Unfortunately even the raw mangoes are yet to be seen to make it ready for famous Avakkai pickles.
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