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    Rave parties with drugs happening in Hyderabad in spite of Police vigil

    It is shameful on the part of High class society people partying in a pub with no permission and drugs possession in the premises which was raided by the special task force and about 150 people were detained and that includes a singer and the actress. The Telangana CM KCR has already given sweeping powers to the police to stop drugs abuse in the parties and this one happened very near to a police station to which the police has no answers. The rave parties and pub cultures has become the regular in Hyderabad and youth are dragged to drugs habit this way.
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    If we go in the root of the problem of drugs in our country then we would find that it is not as simple as we see it superficially on the surface. There are drug cartels, mafias, and terrorist funding groups behind all these evils. There is huge money in the world of drugs and many youngsters are lured to them and are offered good amount of money for drug trafficking and smuggling in the prohibited areas. Govt has to tackle this problem with much sternness and nab these culprits. For this a political will and support from the public is required. It is many times alleged that some influential people, celebrities, and politicians are also having some links with these people for getting funds for their political aspiration and if that is a correct information then it would be very difficult for the Govt to contain this menace of drugs which is making our young generation lazy and inactive. If people in the restaurants and pubs are using drugs so easily in such a large scale then definitely there is some big problem in our governance.
    Knowledge is power.

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    It seems to be impossible to eradicate the menace of youngsters habituated with alcoholism and drug habits. Though at the first glance, the problem does not appear to be a big threat but on close examination we would notice that they are the sons and daughters of the influential personalities having enough administrative powers. The youngsters are not at all afraid of the law enforcement agencies.They can do any job prohibited by the law for their pocket money allowance. Considering this being a serious threat for containing the crimes, the government is helpless to tackle the menace of drugs with which these youngsters are afflicted. Moreover under the umbrella of the politicians and police personnel's, these rackets are flourishing and the same can be noticed in pubs and bars with the presence of derailed youths addicted with the habits of drugs and alcoholism.

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