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    The ultimate test of your fame and leadership will be known when you are not there

    Normally when the boss is there in the office, everyone would be working sincerely and even the output would more and sustainable. But what would be the scenario when the main person is not present at the site or place and how the members of the team would coordinate and cooperate is always a debatable matter. How they work together, how they work under shared goals or they have simply taken a break from work as none to question them. The sincerity of work force only known when the boss is not there. Do you agree ?
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    A good boss or leader would inculcate sincerity and interest for work in the minds of the persons working under him. So that even in his absence the workflow is smooth and productive. There are many senior managers who know this fact and they prepare the second line of managers who can take the responsibility and decisions when seniors are not present. A good team will work nicely in such an arrangement. A team of motivated persons with clear ideas about the common objectives and goals of the organisation or company is a great asset and with that the company can prosper and attain heights in the business environment.
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    A good manager always thinks of the objectives of the organisation and he would try to achieve the targets at any cost. The situation in the working premises would always be peaceful and conducive when the boss is present in the spot. The situation could be otherwise in his absence. However, we have seen intelligent manages deputing their subordinates in the different areas for completion of the targets effectively. The delegated staffs would take care of the situation in absence of the boss. The role of next line managers is vital in achieving the the targets set by the companies.

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    True leaders develop their subordinates in such a way that they work more sincerely in their absence. In fact, the test of leadership qualities is the behaviour of the subordinates in their absence. Leadership doesn't mean bossing around and managing the herd.

    Unfortunately, many people in our country reckon it as being smart in skipping work or not working sincerely and with due devotion. One of my relatives, working in a university used to boast that his job is so good that he need not worry too much about work and can enjoy maximum possible leaves and breaks.

    I have noticed that in the US, the work culture is such that the people work on their own in the absence of their team leaders. They take it as their responsibility to work without any prodding.

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    When I joined a company after my education, the Technical Director of that company used to tell me that if the organisation is running well when the boss is not there, it speaks about the greatness of the boss. When he is physically present definitely the organisation will work well. The boss should train his subordinates in such a way that they are sincere to the organisation not to the individuals, As an individual, you have to work constantly well to ensure a good career. So you have to work for your own benefit but not to satisfy somebody.
    I know some bosses who play tricks with their subordinates. They always ignore their next line and depend more on the next to next line employees. They will try to ruin the prospects of the next line people so that his position is secure.
    So we have to work sincerely and show the results to the organisation but not to an individual.

    always confident

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