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    Pawar refused to lead UPA to take on the BJP

    In a dramatic political development the signal for BJP coming to power again has been guaranteed, thanks to the statement of Sharad Pawar who refused to lead the UPA against the BJP combine in the 2024 Lok Sabha polls. It may be recalled here that WB CM Mamata Banerjee has been making strong pitch and had requested Pawar to lead the opposition front. Once again it is proved that the opposition parties cannot make a formidable alliance to take on the BJP at the center and this weakness would be cashed in for sure by the saffron party.
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    The NCP Chief, Sarad Powar mentioned that he will be with the UPA but will not lead the same. He supports congress only as a leader on this front. At the same time, he mentioned that without congress it is very difficult to fight with BJP. But he also said that he will make all-out efforts to bring all th opposition parties under one umbrella so that the task of fighting the BJP will be fruitful. But his party colleagues say that they will try to pursue and see that he will accept the proposal.
    But I feel it is a very difficult task to bring all the very powerful leaders together when each of them is interested in power. Now with this statement from Pawar, KCR may think that his chances are improved to lead the third front.

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    The Ugadi predictions for this year amply gives upperhand for KCR who is all poised to mobilize great support at national level.
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    Politics is a game of calculations and to calculate the pros and cons of an action correctly makes a person the best politician. Mr Pawar is a seasoned politician and he would not take any action that does not yield favourable situations for him. He is a very senior leader and many people follow him blindly. Still he would prefer to make his own decisions and choices. Today there are many opposition leaders in our country but only a few of them are able to present a clean image in front of the public. Those who appear to have links with the criminal people might not get the people's verdict for becoming the leader of the opposition. Those who are under corruption charges are also out of the consideration. Further those who are exploiting the religious sentiments and creating conflicts and fights on the streets are also having no scope for the combined opposition leadership. Hence it is very clear that the choices are very limited and due to that the opposition unity seems to be a thing of distant dream.
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    Mohan, I think we need to restrict ourselves and stop behaving like media persons. As a member of this educational site, I think, prudence demands that we bring out facts in totality instead of going for the pick and choose policy while posting contents here.

    Coming to this thread, Sharad Pawar did, indeed, refuse to lead the UPA or to take up any responsibility in this connection. But the important part is that he reiterated the importance of the Congress party at the national level and has categorically said that no alliance without the Congress will be able to bring about the desired result. (In this connection, it would be worthwhile to remember what the Union Minister Nitin Gadkari said about the Congress.) There might be different reasons, including the state of his health, that might have dissuaded the senior leader from taking over any responsibility. He has said that he would support any move to form a national alliance and fight the next parliament election. So to give the facts a spicy twist to project the BJP as a formidable strength is taking things beyond an acceptable limit.

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