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    Do you have control on escaping behaviors from others?

    The behavior of people who seems to mingle with our thought processes and we take it granted that they would abide by the set rules and suffice our needs. But suddenly they try to escape from the task or assignments without even mentioning any reason and that would put our all efforts in quandary. The reason for such behavior should always be expected before assigning any task to others and keeping ready a plan B in tandem would save us from the probable uneasy situation. What is your take on this matter?
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    Dr Rao probably you have posted wrong response to this thread and you should have responded this in Rave party thread.
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    Yes. There is confusion. Because of the problem, I am facing with submit button. After trying the matter I have to copy-paste somewhere and they again here. In that confusion, a mistake happened. I regret the inconvenience,
    I was having a good assistant when I was an R & D Manager in a company. He was very sincere and hardworking. I took care of him and used to assign very important work, All of a sudden he stopped coming for a month and I have to do a lot of work to compensate for his absence. After one and a half months, he came back and resigned. I asked him many times about the reasons for his resignation but was not told. Afterwards, I came to know that he joined a competitor company. But he could not do well there and resigned there also and asked me for help. But I did not respond positively keeping his earlier behaviour.
    This type of problem is very common in the industry and we should have our alternative plan we can't rely completely on an individual and we should have a plan B.

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    When we are working in a group or with some assistants or colleagues then one of the factors that would ensure in the desired result of working together is the reliability of other persons. Reliability is one thing that comes on the forefront in such collaborative work. We can find the reliability factor from the reputation and past work history of a person and that is the reason why the top management does not entrust a responsible work to everyone. We have to ascertain beforehand about this and confirm that the person would not be leaving in between the work leaving us in a lurch. For a known person it is possible to predict that to a good degree but the problem comes when we are given some new hands or people who have come from other places to this place and their history is either not known or known very less. In that situation we have to be prepared for any unprecedented situation and should also keep a plan B in hand. Good managers know these uncertainties in the business world and generally have a plan B in the background.
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    As we are not aware of how others may change at any given point we need to keep ready a contingency plan. Many times we rely too much on someone thinking that everything will be executed by the person in time but it all depends on how responsible the person is. A responsible person will not act irresponsibly but choosing a responsible person may not be so easy all the time. For any important task, it is always better to make a Plan B as mentioned by the other members. The thing is as long as the person is not taking up responsibility it is not possible to give her/him responsibility. One has to understand what responsibility is and then only responsible behaviour is expected from that person.

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    I dont think we should depend on others for our work or task. If we depend on others and they leave us without telling any reason who should be blame for it, none but us. However if it is the matter of collective efforts where each individual has been given respective responsibilities and duties then we should not be worried for their leaving us without completing their task or work.

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    The author is right that the entire group entrusted with the job might remain half completed due to their less interest and they are not afraid either from the management. However under the existing circumstances, we have to take a different approach and this can be done with the frank dialogues with the colleagues interested to carry on their jobs with full attention. Relocation of the job is possible taking some extra loads of such workers not interested for the job. Ultimately the completion of the task will be there within the scheduled time. However, I must insist that there should be a fear factor among the workers so that they would not behave in such an irresponsible manner. The first line managers should be intelligent enough to review the assigned job and the defaulters should be taken into tasks otherwise number of irresponsible workers will multiply within the organisations.

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