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    Opposition parties should not blindly oppose everything

    In a democracy opposition parties have a crucial role and their presence is very vital for the progress and prosperity of the country and health of the democracy because they are there to point out and oppose if the Govt does anything against the interests of the common people. Today also we have so many opposition parties in our country but they are utterly confused in their objectives. Most of the times they are opposing for opposition sake and making miserable mistakes in their judgement. Actually they should only oppose where the governance is bad and the ruling regime is taking wrong decisions. By doing that they can attract the attention of the masses for becoming a viable alternative to the present regime. But their actions are creating negative effects in the mind of the general people and the common people are inclining more to the ruling regime. What are your views on this?
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    The opposition parties have a crucial role in a democratic country. They are also responsible to the citizens. The governance goes on smoothly when the government and opposition parties work for the welfare of the country. For this, they should have frequent dialogues on important issues. Both of them should not have ego problems. Unfortunately in our country, the political parties are more focussed on retaining power or coming to power, and they are working more in that direction.

    The name opposition itself indicates, showing opposition to the government policies and actions. This does not necessarily mean that everything that government does needs to be opposed. The government also should heed the suggestions and objections of the opposition party. This is not happening in our country.

    The notion that the opposition parties are opposing everything the government does is wrong. Demonetisation was a wrong decision that caused the economy to suffer and also caused the loss of jobs. Covid management improved after the opposition and Supreme Court interfered. The three farm laws which had to be withdrawn are mainly due to the lack of debate over them with the opposition and the stakeholders. This was an avoidable, long-drawn problem. The opposition is doing its work mostly properly. The government should listen to them and also the criticisms that appear in the media. Our contry is marked as a flawed democracy in one of the recent reports by an international organization. Instead of brushing aside that they are false, based on wrong methodology, the government should try to analyse and take remedial actions if necessary. The government instead of getting angry with such reports, shold thrive to see that such remarks are not attracted in future.

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    This is a matter of common sense, and we know common sense is the most uncommon thing in the world.
    The opposition leaders are expressing their frustration to the ocean-like popularity of the Prime Minister even after 7 years of rule and inspite of Corona pandemic. Their frustrations is coming out in this mindless and reckless manner of opposing everything the Goveernment proposes.

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    Very good thread from the author. The voters elect the ruling and opposition parties with a high hope that the ruling party would give good governance and in case it fails to do so the constructive opposition should come out with suggestions and leads. However we find our opposition leaders create a scene of every good decision and tries to find fault. What is the necessity of latest farm stir getting a mention as a special lesson in Punjab school text books. That means the new state govt wants to sow the seed of hatredness against the center in the young minds of school children. I am sure the new lesson should not have carried the reason for farm laws and how it was withdrawn. If the lesson has all the details and surely it can be carried in other schools text books of various states, but there must be political angle.
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    The opposition parties these days have a single agenda. That is opposing the ruling government, They never bother what the ruling party is telling and how far it is good or bad to the people of this country. The government also never tries to convince them as they have the required majority to get their bills passed.
    There should be a dialogue between the ruling and opposition parties and the debate should be on how they can serve the public better. But that will never happen. When BJP was in opposition, the then PM PVNR sent the opposition party to represent the country in the UN. Whatever may be his intentions, the opposition leader Vajpayee represented and did his best so that his party will not get the blame. That should be the spirit among the opposition and ruling parties. This feeling will come only when the opposition parties will have the welfare of the people in their minds.

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