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    Why Indian companies don't invest much in R&D?

    It is well known that Indian companies are way behind top global companies like Apple Inc, Saudi Aramco, Microsoft Corp, Inc, Alphabet Inc, Metaverse etc. It is not that the persons of Indian origin lack merit as many global companies are presently headed by people of Indian origin only.

    One reason appears to be the lack of investment by the Indian companies in the R&D sector for breakthrough innovations in their respective fields. But, why it is so? After all, how long we will continue to enumerate the inventions made in India during the Vedic era to save our face?

    Let us discuss to understand and explore if it is possible for us to do anything to develop ourselves at par with the developed countries?
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    Research and Development is a high end work and requires talented people having aptitude for it as well as they have to get facilities to do it. In some developed countries it is being done on a regular basis. In India some companies are spending good amount in R & D and getting some good work done by our scientists and technical people. Govt has also given many facilities and relaxations in this regard. During the corona pandemic we have witnessed our drug and vaccine companies doing some exemplary work and the whole world has taken a note of it and applauded our efforts. We have given the indigenous vaccine to so many needy countries. It is true that there is a lot of scope in R & D in our country and if conducive environment is provided to our talented people then there is no doubt that we can also deliver good results in this area. Many innovative entrepreneurs are working in our countries and finding out new methods and products for the use of the common people and that is also a type of R & D work albeit at a lower scale.
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    Research is the intellectual process of correctly interpreting or analyzing data by consistently collecting data in a planned and organized way using scientific methods to find acceptable solutions to a problem. Research can be of different types depending on the purpose, depth, analysis, time, data, etc. But research is a direction for the future development of a country. Countries that are innovating and improving the old through advanced research processes are at the peak of development. I want a huge amount of money for this. In a country like ours where citizens have to distribute even food through the rationing system, who will pay for the research? After that, the government lacks initiative. However, in the case of different companies, of course, there is a budget provision system for the expenditure of R&D, but it is much less than required for the same reason. Because they also have to survive in the competition with limited resources.
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    This is great thread raised by the author. Our entrepreneurs are happy and content with initial find of a product or service and try to stick on to its quality and never go for innovating new and other products so that market could be grabbed with present brand image. Even in Life sciences field the formulations given by other companies are tested and results given at the same time these companies can also improve upon such formulations and give very superior product that expected. No doubt our scientists and research professionals are spending their midnight toil to find out the new product and their new uses, but the companies are not forthcoming to diversify their existing facilities so that much employment can also be generated and new markets can be capped to their advantage. At least this thread should open the minds.
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    That is very true. Indians are good at R & D. But Indian companies are not interested in investing in R &D. They want quick returns on their investments. They feel investing in R & D may not ensure their returns. Whatever they invest they will invest in making the products and selling them where the immediate profit is visible. But they never understand that investing today in R & D and then getting a patent will give them a lot of profit and they will be the leaders.
    There are a few companies in India that do a lot of R & D, but other companies try to get that knowledge by hiring the person who worked on that R & D by offering a huge pay packet. This is another reason for many companies not going for R & D.

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    Everyone thinks the IIT graduates and postgraduates are going to the US, UK, and other developed nations but that is not completely true because our relatives are searching for highly qualified grooms for wedlock for their girls. It is found that with the high package with IIT degree they are residing here in India working in Application Software Mnc's. IIT graduates, Postgraduates, and NIT graduates can be used for Research and Development department or for that purpose. I think there is no necessary stuff in the IIT and NIT passed out candidates which is why they are not able to invent or discover or design any new products...Because I work with NIT graduates who passed out from reputed universities they are working as installing CCTV cameras and small products development in reputed companies as their package is very high in those reputed companies but the work hours are also more.
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