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    The Largest padma bridge in South Asia constructed by China in Bangladesh.

    The Largest Padma bridge in Bangladesh and South Asia is constructed by China. It is inaugurated by Shaik haseena the Prime Minister of Bangladesh. The bridge will carry Natural gas, cables, and a water supply line is a five-uses bridge that crosses the Padama river.
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    China has been battered very badly and being marginalized by the International community for the Corona virus spread and after US sanctions and India's action in banning their apps, the Chinese started their reach to out to small countries and in this regard what they constructed in Bangladesh is part of seeking small nations support in their crisis of existence. China may plan big and even construct infra structures but having no compliance from India would be a big loss considering population and demand of every product. What ever it is, India is the emerging super power in the region and after Pakistan being become weak and India having close deals with Russia, the dragon country is getting rattled. China has to change its mind and it cannot have the military presence across the LAC and that should be withdrawn.
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    Recently China architect the statue of Sri Ramunjaya in Muchintal Hyderabad. It is also well known that the Cable bridge in Hyderabad is also built by China...During the Corona phase, the bridge construction has stopped because the light equipment is not available and it has to come from China...
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    That is true. All parts of the Sri Ramanuja statue were imported from China only and they were assembled in Hyderabad by our people. That way our imports from China might have reduced but not completely Zero. They are making big business. The Indian manufacturing sector is not able to get the products at a price that is more or less the same as that of China. The quality of their products may not stand on par with other countries. But many of us are not interested in paying more for quality.
    In Bangladesh, the mentioned bridge is constructed by China only and how the quality of the works is not known. Anyhow, we should accept that we Indians are not able to catch up with the technological developments through which they are making their country to be the front runner.

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    China is an ambitious country. It lost much of the reputation during the outbreak of corona in their country and then all over the globe but as far as their hard work and creative skills are considered they are the numero uno in the world. China has a very big population and at the same time the engagement of those people in constructive activities is very high. Whether it is household job or a shopkeeper's job or a simple worker's job the self-employed number of people in China is very high. It is very normal to see the old people of age 65-80 years also working voluntarily. So the GDP of such a country has to be big. The cumulative production of things related to crafts or low priced technical gadgets is enormous in that country. They are ready to accept any tender anywhere on the Earth to manufacture or construct anything in any numbers. Their main worry is how to get the contract and not how to complete the work. With that mindset they are able to grab so many works across the globe. I have talked with some Chinese engineers who stay in India for executing some project and their approach to work is definitely different from our lazy and slow approach.
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