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Love poetry? Go ahead and write one on school days. Perhaps it could be the winning poem!
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    School Days - pen a poem, win a prize!

    Let's start this week with something fun! We are sure most of you have had wonderful days at school, no matter that you found studying tedious. Share something poetic, then, about school days.

    What you have to do: Write a poem on school days. It could be on school days in general or only on one specific aspect associated with school days, such as the reading class in the library, the lunch break, the P.E. class, some club activity, the annual sports event, etc. The poem need not be of your actual experiences. It can be something imaginary as well.

    1. A member can submit only one poem. It should be submitted in a response to this thread only.
    2. The poem should be in English and should not have any offensive words/language. Give an appropriate short title.
    3. The poem should be a minimum of eight lines and not more than 20 lines. You can put the verses in any manner. That is, you can put five verses with four lines each, or four verses with five lines each, etc. You can edit the poem at any time before the closing date to make general corrections without changing the main core.
    4. The poem should have one relevant link to any internal page of ISC.

    A cash prize of Rs.75/- will be given as the first prize (up to two entries may be awarded). The next best poem will receive a cash prize of Rs.50/-. Other entries may get enhanced points and cc as well.

    Closing date: 10th April 2022.
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    Here is the poem penned on school days of mine

    Title- Trishul park - my school

    Remembering school days exactly after 34 years is something rekindling the best memory of past
    From class one to class 10th was with full of fun, less pressure and more of interesting act
    Going by 6 coach coal hauled train that would whistle past at 7 am daily to travel 7 station
    The journey would be fun as many school friends join enroute and there would be more commotion

    The Govt school had the big ground and sprawling class rooms with no fan but good ventilation of natural air
    But the seating arrangements were sprawling and but each would sit along the prefered for sure
    There is no class leader or topper as every one was intelligent on their own in respective subject
    The feeling of oneness during the lunch and sharing the food was the great trait

    Movement in plants: Physiology, Types

    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Title: The New School

    I passed out in my class eight,
    Which was the last class in that school.
    As I had to take admission in class nine,
    So I had to search for another school.

    The new school was a bit far from my house,
    And there was a crowd of candidates.
    Queuing for admission and waiting for it,
    If I get admitted they would be my classmates.

    My name was not there in the first list,
    I hoped in second list I would not be missed.
    The classes soon started and then,
    The second list was also published.

    I was happy to see my name in the list,
    Next day I went to my class with a glow.
    All the front benches were fully occupied,
    So I only got a seat in the last row.

    In my earlier school I was a front bencher,
    I was even a monitor for quite some time.
    This was a shock to me to sit in the back row,
    I was feeling punished for no crime.

    Knowledge is power.

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    My Poem: A School of Wanderers.

    Transferring from one school to another.
    One location to another, from old to new sometimes from new to old army quarters.
    An army man his wife, his son and his daughter.
    Sometimes a New place new school every year, sometimes we stayed in peace for three years and wonder.

    People From different states, different races, and different religions united in my school.
    Children in this school think their teachers and school are so cool.
    In every state in every district, I can find my school with slightly different names but still look the same just like many states in one country.
    This school is like a bouquet of flowers where different children of a person with a uniform of the country.

    Kendriya Vidyalaya is not just the name of a school but a culture inculcated in children.
    It is an amalgamation of diversity providing so many opportunities and fun.
    In its list of achievers, I also want to be a part of being alumni of whom her teachers are proud.
    In the crowd of so many schools mushrooming my school is still unique.

    My school is a school of wanderers and their children.
    My school is a school for children of supreme sacrifires and martyrs.
    In every nook in every corner of this nation, you find this school.
    A school of children of wanderers.

    "It is hardest thing in the world to be good thinker without being a good self examiner"

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    My school and the days there

    Gone are the days, my school days
    Greenfields all around the playgrounds
    Greenery with no pollution around the school buildings
    Getting wondered where is that atmosphere these days

    Eating the Plucked fruits from the trees
    Enjoying them with friends
    Eating lunch together and sharing the dishes
    Eagerly waiting for the play sessions.

    Teasing the fellow students
    Trying to get the attention of the teachers
    Thinking about how to be the centre of attraction always
    Trying to show that I am the best among my equals.

    Never felt a shortage of time for studies
    No pressure of completing the home works
    No worries to face the examinations
    Never these memories of my school days will go out of my thoughts

    Those days in my life are the best times
    Those are the Institutes that made me one of the responsible citizens
    Those are the teachers who taught me the way of living with values
    They all are in my mind always and my salutations to my life architects

    always confident

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    My Independence day celebrations at my school.

    I waited in the hot sun for a few chocolates
    The events were not interesting
    I had not won a medal or a prize, I did not mind still
    I waited in the hot sun for a few chocolates.

    There were lectures about the unsung heroes who laid their lives for our country,
    And the great leaders were remembered with reverence
    I did not understand much about the discourses still
    I waited in the hot sun for a few chocolates.

    After three hours of waiting the chocolates were distributed
    And how happy I was when I got five chocolates and when I went home
    My mother told me Why had you strained yourself in the hot sun
    And waited in the hot sun for a few chocolates.

    Because my face had turned red due to the hot sun
    My mother said I would have bought it for you,
    But my mother did not understand the sentiment of a little girl of eight years
    Who had waited in the hot sun for a few chocolates.

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    My submission:
    School life in pandemic

    The bell rang for the one last time,
    the students came out in straight long lines,
    a mere outbreak and lockdown for a few days,
    then reality hit with the pandemic and its maze.

    The corridors still echoed with lunch break screams,
    The playground still had marks of the teams,
    the auditorium still had banners hanged,
    the stage still had marks of where to stand.

    The struggle to get up at 6,
    Arranging books as per timetable fixed,
    mom's one-hand feeding food and the other with hair and comb,
    Mom's constant shout of bringing back empty tiffin home,
    Damn those days are already gone.

    Constant jeers of people mocking board results,
    A constant fear of not getting into cut off results,
    The situation, pandemic to cope and give exams,
    besides constant negativity and mocking on Instagram.

    School life ended abruptly,
    I'll never remember my last day, actually,
    because nobody knew it coming, really.
    But life goes on absolutely!

    Believe in the existence of God the superpower.

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    My entry to this poem contest:
    "My First day in School"

    Holding my aunt's hand tight,
    With dreams of previous night;
    Enthusiastically hopping fast,
    I walked to my school, on day first.

    My aunt was in same school
    Hence she was so cool.
    Dropping me at my class
    She gave me a sweet kiss.

    Waving her hand she moved to her class,
    I looked around and saw many boys and girls
    All dressed in new clothes, but still they cried
    Not knowing why, seeing them I too cried.

    My aunt suddenly, came back.

    Holding my chin, wiping it dry,
    She said 'good boys don't cry'
    I smiled keeping my face wry
    Other boys too broke their cry.

    As they say,' everything first is the best'
    My first day in school still stays fresh.

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    My submission:- Farewell day in my school

    How can I forget my farewell day in school,
    Time passed but memory remain same in my mind,
    That day was last day of my school days as school days was going to end.
    I got emotional and eyes filled with tears,
    All were very emotional,
    It was difficult phase for me
    On one hand we were sad because of separation
    And on other hand, we were excited to go to start new phase of life.
    I got momento from my favourite teacher
    They gave blessing me to rise in life
    And they recalled Swami vivekanand saying " Awake, arise and not stop till goal is achieved"
    We all took oath to take good step in life
    Life goes on like that way
    And thus we all enter into new phase of life

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    Title- Lunch breaks were fun breaks

    Lunch breaks in our school were fun breaks for all,
    The interval at eleven was more of a snack break for us.

    Many of us would rush to the bakery nearby
    And buy hot sponge cakes and munch away to glory.

    Some of us carried tiffins packed with love from home
    They savored the delicacies in the class room comfort.

    And there were some seniors with other preferences
    Who would run to the nearby park to have a whiff of the fresh air.

    There would be lot of running around and playing games
    That refreshed us and got us ready for the remaining classes.

    "In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life: it goes on." -Robert Frost

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    My Submission - a funny poem, written a long time ago about the circus of reaching the school, remembered now and putting it here

    Title: Way to Schoooool

    Tuk--tuk-- tuk--tuk
    Down the stairs,
    With bags of books,

    We sat on the bike,
    As we turned, the corner,
    came the dog, bow-bow,

    We stopped at the level
    Across the quiet field

    Watched the cars, twenty twooo's
    As the train whistled cooooo

    At jet speed, we zoomed,
    When the rail gates opened,
    And reached the school
    At nine on time.

    Heaving a sigh,
    heard the bell,
    Ton--ton-- ton-- ton.

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    Memorable experiences of my school days

    School days were fun,
    Not just because I had made friends for life,
    Even the life lessons I learned while in school,
    Still, guide me now and then.

    Being the youngest in my parental family,
    I grew up amid loads of love and liberty,
    Still, never have I become irresponsible,
    As school and family had ingrained morality.

    Though born in a Hindu household,
    I studied in a Catholic school,
    Without any prohibition, I intermingled,
    Making friends irrespective of religion was so cool.

    Studies, sports and extra-curricular activities,
    And, Aaha! my inter-house contests,
    House Captaincy and duty of ringing the school bell,
    Had taught me how to come out of a shell.

    Life in school
    was thus marvellous,
    Every bit of it was adventurous,
    Nurturing of my school stands tall,
    It has made my life respectable without a fall.


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