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    Attend to small expectations of parents and they feel you cared wholesome

    Parents are always the welfare seekers of the children and never be the burden at any time of their life. Being with the child from the birth to making a responsible person in the society to eke out living on own, the parents feel that some small expectations of them must be fulfilled by the child and if that is done they vent the feeling of great careness achieved through the son and they would reveal to everyone as to how their son looks after them with wholesome heart. Just try this suggestion, you would certainly get complements and not complaints.
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    Parents will take care of their children well during their childhood. Ensure good education so that they will have a chance of getting a good job here and elsewhere. They live only to bring their children up. I have seen many mothers who skip their food to feed their children properly. But by the time these children become stable in their careers, the parents will become old and they may require some help from their children. But how many children help their parents in their old age. They will have their wives and children and they will be the primary responsibility and the children will forget about the parents and their needs.
    Another type we are seeing today is that money will be spent by the child and they will admit their parents to old age homes but never care to visit them. Parents will struggle in old age homes. These days what a parent is not money. A little care and hand-holding are more important to them than money. But that is not coming from the youth of these days

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    Parents take so much care of their children that we cannot imagine the extent of that love and affection. They do it willingly with great concern. Children cannot repay that but at least do something that makes the parents happy. I agree with the author of this post that parents feel so much happy if the children do even a small good thing for them. Even a nice gesture from the children is sufficient to keep them in good spirits. I have seen in some cases where children have done well in their college and got jobs in the foreign countries and then married there itself and settled and forgot about their parents. This is really a heartbreaking thing for the parents and their old age dreams get shattered. It is imperative that children should feel responsible towards their parents who had sacrificed so many things in their lives in shaping the careers of their children.
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