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    Cycle fitted with battery- the very purpose of pedal defeated

    While I was coming home, I came across a person zooming past with a cycle fitted with a battery and happily riding the same without pedaling. Soon I stopped him and asked why he purchased the cycle. He said that maintaining the two-wheeler has become a costly affair and for short distances, it is better to use a cycle and it would also help in maintaining health. But what is the use of the battery cycle when the pedaling is not used thus he may save money but certainly, the exertion and exercise are nil.
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    Many people are using motorised cycles. This is a better option than the normal cycle concerning speed. You can go at a faster rate. The pollution created by this vehicle is much less than compared to normal scooters and motorcycles. Slowly these will become more famous as there is a very high increase in the cost of the fuel.
    The advantage of normal cycling toward health is not there in this case. This is as good a motorcycle and no pedalling is required. If the person whom the author met is of the impression that it will help maintain his health, he is wrong.
    If you want the advantage of exercise also you have to use a normal cycle where you will be pedalling is required.

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    The cycle has two purposes one is to pedal and exercise and the other is to commute. If one has to commute long distances then it makes sense to put a battery and relax and go to the desired place. Putting a battery to reduce expenditure on the costly petrol is also a good idea. There is nothing wrong with it. For short distances and availing cycling pleasure, one has to pedal it. So depending upon the objective the cycle can be used in a variety of ways pedalling or not pedalling. When I was in my school I was living in a hilly area and we used to hire cycle on an hourly basis (about a rupee for one hour) for fun and on the slopes used to go without pedalling but while up on the slope we had to get down and push the cycle till we reach a plane area. Of course that time we did not have the battery facility and we even did not know about that. We have to adjust as per the circumstances. Today we have all the options and there are cycles available with gears as well as battery.
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