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    None of us may remember the traumatic days but certainly remember shamed moments

    Through the life we come across the happy, the good and the bad moments but none of us would ever remember the traumatic experiences of the past but certainly remember those who shamed us and those embarrassing moments for sure. Because the traumatic phase was personal and we alone know the happenings, but whereas the shaming was done with intention to defame and bring more embarrassment to us and that is not pardonable. Traumatic days can be forgotten with treatment or soothsaying efforts but shaming moments cannot be forgotten.
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    Everyone has ups and downs in one's life. That is already known as a fact. People generally attribute it to the destiny and fate and stop any discussion on the subjects. Coming to the shame moments or humiliating moments or insulting moments in our lives, yes they hurt us and we remember them and often recollect them and discuss them and feel surprised that why that thing happened to us. It is human nature not to tolerate any insult or humiliation in our lives and if it happens to us we do not forget it. In fact, the process of revenge or squaring of the things starts from these premises only.
    Knowledge is power.

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    Life is a mix of many feelings. Sometimes we will be happy and sometimes we will be unhappy. Sometimes we will be successful and sometimes we will be unsuccessful. This is all common. But some of the events will be there in our memory but some we will forget. This is also very normal. But sometimes we will get humiliated because of the way other people behave with us in presence of other people. If there is something wrong from our side we may not feel that much but when there is no fault for us if we are getting humiliated we feel very bad and the total incident will get deep into our minds and we will never forget the same. We will be waiting for a chance to take revenge on the person who humiliated us. This will be the same in almost all such cases.
    Draupadi got humiliated for no reason by Duryodhana and Draupadi never forgot that incident she has finally had her laugh when her husband killed Duryodhana and his brothers,

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