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    What is not available 'online' these days?

    With the advent of computers and the internet technologies long back, nowadays almost everything is available 'online'. The entrepreneurs are vying with each other to initiate a startup having an innovative idea and become a unicorn company like many others ruling the world. The government policies are also encouraging and promoting such a move.

    However, of late, I was wondering, if there is anything left to be made available 'online'. I am not talking about abstract things like true love, compassion, honesty, happiness etc. but tangible commodities that can be delivered 'online'.

    Any clue?
    Let us discuss.
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    This again a very good post from the author and probably has the chance to win the thread of the week announcement also. What I feel that three things are not available online. The first being the Mother's love, which is pure, cannot be borrowed nor imported or made for any other person. The second being the faith, which is most important to survive and live in this world as faith alone keep us bonded with each other and if that is lost , everything is lost. The last being the trust, and this is also important because with trusting someone else our entire future planning is placed before him and if that trust stands to be mistrust, the pain and agony cannot be calculated or mentioned. Everything else are available on the internet online and what the three things mentioned by me can only be experienced through offline.
    K Mohan
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    Online has become a place where practically everything needed for our household or business purposes is available. Earlier we were buying specific items from the local provision store also known as pansari in some parts of our country and were able to get that item in normal or cheap rates. In internet the same thing would be available with a lot of background data and information and utility of that item in our lives and would also cost us more. Big online stores had observed this opportunity with the advent of the internet and due to that the small provision store suffered a lot of its business which had shifted to these online stores. In my view what we are missing in these big internet stores is the personal liaison and contact with the provision shop owner. I remember when I was young I used to visit many shops not only for buying items but to chit chat with the shopkeeper or other people there and that was something that kept the perpetual warmth between us. Today in online shopping we miss that badly and do our buying in mechanical ways.
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    My congratulations to the author for such an excellent post. The post itself is innovative in nature. While we see that everything is available online for sale. However, Mohan Sir has rightly pointed out that mother's love is always unique and it cannot be replaced by the love of others. She loves her offsprings without having any expectations for her sacrifice.We may find a lot relatives claiming that they,too, love passionately but it could be the fake one. One of our negative attributes is the faith for a person with whom we have the strong bondage of love and in that case, our faith is unshakable. Talking the last one, trust is the child of love and it cannot exist in isolation. However to have a trust with someone would take its own time and if we have made such a close relationships with others as a result of sustained associations, we cannot assure ourselves of sustenance of such love, it could breach at any moment. Definitely, in that case also, we must remember our own mother with which trust will always be there from her side.

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    During my childhood days, I used to go to the Kirana shop and purchase all the items required. After completing all the transactions the shop owner used to offer chocolate or jaggary piece free of cost for me while going back to chew, I think this is the only item we may not get on online. Except that, all items are available on the internet. Food items, cooked food, clothes and all other requirements can be purchased online. Milk, ghee, curd and other milk products are also available online. Snacks are also available online. Books also can be ordered online.
    We can do financial transactions. Making an FD and encashing an FD can also be done online. There is no necessity of getting a cash bank. All payments including small merchant payments can be made online using Gpay or UPI. Even there is no necessity of meeting people. We can talk to them online. We can make new friends online. Each and everything is available online these days.

    always confident

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