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    Declaration of holiday on April 14 in Central Government Offices every year?

    I have great respect for Dr B.R.Ambedkar.

    His date of birth is April 14. Since 2015 it is being observed as an official public holiday throughout India. However, as far as I remember, this date is not listed in the 'List of Holidays' published every year by the Central Government. Instead, an order is issued just before the arrival of the date April, 14 declaring this date as a holiday for Central Government Offices.

    Am I right? Have you ever noticed this? In case, it is really so then what may be the reasons for such an approach by the central Government?
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    There may be some hidden pressure for the govt to announce the April 14th as the central govt holiday and the reason being, India greatly and hugely respect Baba Saheb Ambedkar and giving a holiday has become compulsion on the part of govt to please the downtrodden. Secondly on the same day our Tamil New Years day and even Baisakhi is being celebrated which were not cared earlier. So in the garb of same day holiday we also enjoy a respite from work and thus central govt has pleased both Tamil Nadu and Punjab by declaring the holiday on 14th April. But what is more disgusting that our Banks are getting holidays in tandem and they kept closed at least five or six days in series which is not good because we have to recover from the covid loss and banks need to help out regaining the losses through their daily works.
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    Is it necessary to declare a holiday for showing our respect to a leader on his birthday? In such a case why there is no holiday for Nehru's birthday. November 14th is his birthday and is being celebrated as children's day. Why there is no holiday on the birthday of Radhakrishnan our ex-President? His birthday is being celebrated as Teacher's day. If we go on giving holidays like this, the actual working days will come down.
    I feel there is no necessity of giving a holiday. There can be a small meeting and all the people can assemble and pay respects and then go to work. That will save many working days. Ambedkar and Jagjivan both are from downtrodden castes and to get the votes from those caste voters the leaders started declaring holidays to please them. In India. non-working days are very high when compared to many other countries. I feel they should be minimised. If necessary CLs or PLs can be increased but not public holidays.

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    The number of total holidays in a year should not exceed beyond a particular number as that would start interfering with the productivity and performance of the various Govt departments. So the Govt chooses the most important and outstanding personalities and declares holidays on their name. There are some names for which decisions are delayed and taken after assessing the total numer of holidays already availed and how much of them are clashing with Sundays or other important days like major festivals in our country. Every year the scenario may be different and accordingly the additional holidays would be declared by the Govt.
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