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    Interconnection of civility and noise level generated in daily chores

    We cannot avoid the generation of sound during our daily chores.

    It may be due to slamming of doors, dripping of water, creaking of hinges, clattering of dishes, tramping of feet, ticking or chime of clocks, buzzing of phones or any other reasons. However, perhaps inside a household, the maximum sound is produced by its inhabitants themselves by talking loudly, screaming, yelling, shouting etc. Also, kids playing around in the home produce enough sound to irritate the parents and other members of the household very soon.

    It is observed that making loud sounds is generally associated with being impolite, rude and uncivilised.

    What are your observations in this regard?
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    This is very good thread brought in by the author and it is often seen that the wife would vent her ire by making huge sounds while washing utensils and that is the indication for the husband to come on comprise mode and otherwise the situation of next level would be flying of utensils to all sides of corners. And the sounds emanating from the rusted ends of the daily usage need to be contained by oiling the same on the wrenches so that the creaking sound be avoided. Normally the bathroom doors are not attended for immediate repair and the slamming of the same would result is breaking of joints and we keen on adjusting the same with some temporary arrangements and that would give different irritating sounds. And the children making yelling at the home cannot be controlled and their needs to be arranged immediately.
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    Some people make noise while eating. The people sitting there will look at them. We should not make noise while eating. Some people make sounds when sleeping. It is due to snoring. It is inconvenient for people sleeping nearby.

    There is a connection between sound and civility. We should not talk loudly over the phone also in public places. Our speaking should not disturb the people who are around. When we talk with other people in public places also we have to talk very slowly. Otherwise, the people around will stare at us. Like this people who make sounds will be the center of attraction for the wrong reasons. Other people feel that people who make loud noises in public places are uncivilized and see them differently. So one should learn how to work without making many noises.

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    High amplitude sound is definitely a source of irritation for many of us. In todays world there are situations where we cannot avoid high volume sounds in many places due to technical reasons and there are people who are working continuously in a high noise environment especially in the industrial units. There are some rules and regulations by the Govt in this regard that in public places the sound intensity should not be above the threshold value of 40-50 decibels. In a civilised society the citizens are supposed to restrict the unnecessary high volume sounds in their houses which would disturb the neighbours. Similarly in public places the event organisers should take care in keeping the volume within the stipulated limits. High volume sound is a disturbance for the schools, hospitals, offices, and other such important places. If we all take care in not producing unnecessary high volume sounds during our activities then the place would become peaceful and congenial for living.
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