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    The true meaning of secularism -1

    The earlier thread on the above topic was rejected. Hence, this thread. Sorry for the delay, as I was unwell.

    Now, the three dimensions of secularism. In the main, the three dimensions present themselves as the best safeguards against the communal forces that seek to divide the country, at any point in time.

    The first dimension is an atmosphere or creation of an ideal atmosphere in which all religions are treated equally. This dimension assumes that there is equality of opportunities and total freedom to do any business or undertake any activity for the good of society, as a whole.

    The second dimension is that the leaders of all parties take an active interest in advocating and actively promoting a climate of peace that the first dimension seeks as an end. In fact, their outward behavior and even any speech or words of comfort that are uttered on an everyday basis, do count a lot in this regard.

    The third dimension is that all cultural and religious festivals of all religions are celebrated without any fear and that there is a universal brotherhood that stands out. This should be very much there in the public domain and should be evident at any point in time.

    The current ruling dispensation, dictated for its major divisive philosophy by a blatantly communal organization that is on record as praising the assassin of Mahatma Gandhi, the greatest leader who lived on earth, with headquarters in a major city of Western India, has totally and miserably failed on all counts. The two states of UP and Karnataka are litmus tests for what should never be done but is done, day in and day out.

    The biggest problem is that the most important economic issues are buried under the carpet through the systematic brainwashing of the gullible people in the Hindi belt and the Bhaktas of one leader who has been and become the worst leader and the most miserable failure on all counts -- economic, social, political and even foreign affairs -- sing his song day in and day out, and the people continue to suffer, paying Rs.110 rupees per liter of petrol, systematically ruining everything that was good in this country. Only two industrialists belonging to the same state as the leader, have benefitted the most, and it is they who even control most of the Hindi media.

    The rest, as they say, is history. But we need to defeat the communal forces and the great leader and revive this country to the glorious times of the past, when people of all religions felt safer, and when goonda raj was totally absent. And rewrite history as well.
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    Sivakumar, you must not bring up a topic that has been rejected, due to whatever reason, for discussion again. You very well know, as has been told to you directly and indirectly many times, why some of your threads are rejected or edited. I presume, that you must have gone through some of your threads that were edited to make them acceptable. Please remember to keep your emotions under permissible limits and avoid repeating the same subject time and again under different pretexts.
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