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    Why Babu Jagjivan Ram's birth aniversary is a public holiday but not that of Jyothiram Phule?

    Today is Babu Jagjivan Ram's Birthday and it is declared a public holiday. I don't know much about Jagjivan Ram. His daughter was LokSabha Speaker during the UPA regime. Why Mahatma Jyothirama Phule's birthday is not observed as a public holiday? Who is Babu Jagjivan Ram? Why does the nation observe Babu Jagjivan Ram's Birthday as a public holiday?
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    Amusing thread, I must say. In case no pun is intended, I would suggest the author to take the help of Google to know about Babu Jagjivan Ram, if at all he has not heard about this political leader and social reformist. I am not going into further details but would like to enlighten the author that the birth anniversary of Babu Jagjivan Ram is a public holiday in Andhra and Telangana only and not at the national level. Now, why it is so may be debatable and let us hope our members would be able to throw some light into the facts so that the confusion as brought out in the thread gets clarified.
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    Ok. It's not a National holiday! I thought its a national holiday!
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    Good question asked by the author. What I feel that Jyotirao Phule fought for downtrodden and even over and above the thought process of Dr Ambedkar and unfortunately he was restricted to Maharashtra fame and not had the chance to go national. Even then we have dedicated followers and statues in Hyderabad for this great scholar who fought for poor. But why the birthday of Jagjivan Ram is given Holiday because he was the politician and the parties have compulsion to regard him. Whereas Jyotirao Phule was the ordinary person and not having much following across the country and probably many in Delhi might not have known him and his contributions and therefore he was sidelined and no respect given. So questions does not have specific replies and this also comes under the same category for sure.
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    Even Ambedkar is also a Maharashtrian. I think there are all Maharashtrians who are great leaders...Nobody from Telugu,Tamil, Malayalam, and Kanada...
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    Jagjivan Ram was a freedom fighter. He worked for social justice for downtrodden people. He himself was from a depressed class. He was an outstanding Parliamentarian and he was the first Deputy PM from Sc/.ST classes. He was a Union Minister. He was a very good orator in India. He was there in Indian politics for a long period spanning over half a century. His service to the nation is recognised by the government. He is the person who gets equal respect to that Ambedkar. So earlier years it was a national holiday. But it is not there now. Only in AP and Telangana, this day is a holiday.
    There are many leaders and if we have to declare for the birthdays of all the leaders it is very difficult and slowly the concept of giving holiday for these reasons may vanish and that is required by all means also. My respects to Babu Jagajivan Ram who is known as Babuji on his birthday.

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    There is no doubt that Jagjivan Ram was a national level leader and some states are observing holiday on his birthday in his honour. There are so many states in India and political leaders come from different states. But everyone doesn't reach the national level. There might be many reasons for that but it sometimes so happens that there are more national level leaders from one state in comparison to other states. UP is one example from where so many national level leaders were produced. This sometimes creates a confusion in the mind of people that some states are favorite states as far as the national level leadership is considered. I do not think that it is like that. The fact of the matter is that in some states the politicians are much more ambitious and always trying to reach the national level while in some states the politicians are happy with the local positions only. That apparently looks like favour done to a particular state for having more number of national leaders.
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