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    Talent or goal - which is much required for the success

    A illiterate person and yet doing the business emigration and successfully sending the job seekers to other countries and manages the affairs with staff duly trained and experienced in the field. He is doing so this business since 2007 and has been very successful in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. So this success story ignited me to think whether the talent or the goal that is more important for the result oriented self achievement. I feel it is the goal because that person was determined from his heart to this business and he was sincere enough to follow the same through the talent of others.
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    I think the deternination to succeed and focus on the job are the two factors that will give us success.
    An office boy in a factory somehow got into the good books of his boss. This has been taken as an opportunity and took dealership of the company products for one district by that office boy. He left the job and concentrated on the job and has become the number one dealer of that product for that company. He is illiterate. But he completely conquered the business of that product. Now that factory is closed but his business is on with the same product manufactured by another company. He says that he never looked back after taking the dealership and started supplying to the people on time for a very reasonable price which made him successful. Now he is an employer and almost 50 to 60 guys are working with him.
    So qualifications are not that important. One should have a clear goal and should have talent. Then determination and focus on the work will bring him his name, fame and wealth.

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    Both are required to become successful. The person mentioned in the thread may be illiterate according to the author but managing the business successfully for around 15 years is surely a talent. The person whom we generally call illiterate may not have the required educational qualification but knows how to manage life on one's own. Now the question is are we going to still call such persons illiterate? A simple way to define success is to reach the goal. So the goal is the primary requirement here and to reach the goal one must have talent. Without talent, somehow the goal may be reached but in that case, success will not last long and will soon turn into a failure.

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    Dogged determination, focussed attention, undying spirit, unambiguously set well-identified goals, never say die attitude, persistent efforts, unrelenting hard work etc. are some of the major factors which enable an individual to achieve success.

    Talent is totally different. A very talented person lacking the attributes enumerated above is not likely to succeed.

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    I think one should have the talent to set up goals. For example, a person who wants to venture into business must have the talent to succeed. Once he decides that he is capable of running the business successfully, he must set up a goal to make it run with profit. Therefore, I feel talent comes first and latter goal.

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