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    Women in Police Department in the country

    News has come out in relation to the Indian Police, in which the central government has again ordered the states that at least 33% of women should be recruited into the state police. After all, which of the reasons for the lack of women in the police department would you give priority? Are the women themselves not interested in going to the police department or their family does not allow them? Or else the atmosphere of the police department pulls women back. Some people might think that women are not physically strong for this job.

    Having a Mahila Thana in the district is a positive step, but still, the participation of women personnel is necessary for every police station.

    Unfortunately, in our country most of the crime victims are women, yet the lack of women in police stations is complete injustice. If more women are recruited into the police system, it will go the best way to creating a positive environment for women in police stations.

    What is your opinion on this subject?
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    This is good thread started by the author. In fact the women participation in every job is on the anvil and already our three forces are taking the women cadets into the job and giving training on par with men. The days are not far away when women officers would be posted in the borders and that would be seen in near future. As regards police, there has been low feeling that this job is not suited for the women as the hooligans are more and tackling with them would be personal risk for the life of the women cop. Moreover some jobs needs third degree dealing with the accused and the police inquiry would be always brutal to which the women have safety heart for everyone and they cannot deal with harsh on culprits and thus correctional lesson which the men police would do that cannot be aped nor followed by the women.
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    That is correct. Even though there are many posts for women in the police departments there are no takers. Why this is a big question? There may be many reasons. As mentioned by the author, many of the victims are ladies only. So ladies should come forward to join in this department and support other ladies by fighting out the people who are creating problems for ladies. A police job is not a 9 to 5 job and there is no timing for this post. When they start in the morning, when they will be back home is not even known to them. This may be one reason many ladies are not showing that much interest.
    Another issue is that there is no confidence in the police in our society. Many people are afraid of the police. Many people never like to visit a police station or they don't want the police to come to their house. With these negative feelings about this department, many ladies may not show much interest in getting to that department as an employee.

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    It is correct that we should have more women police force but it would be possible only when more women opt for that route. Traditionally women prefer some specific areas for the job and some of them are teaching, hospitality, offices, online work, banks etc. Police and army are not the first choices for them. In this frame of mind it would take some time in more women opting for the police department. Sometimes the police persons have to encounter the culprits in a very risky situation and the life of the policeman or police woman comes under threat. Once women become experienced and trained in these lines then their confidence would increase and the women also might think in inducting their daughters also in it.
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    Yes, women should be recruited more into the police force.
    This initiative is necessary for the police to be aware of the rights and dignity of women. But in India, the police department is under the state government, and so it is important to be able to convince the state governments. However, it will be possible if it is recognized by the law. I think it is much better to increase the number of women in the main force than to have separate women's police stations for women, or to make separate arrangements for the prevention of crimes against women. In that case, the gender or age-related sensitivity of the police seems to increase. However, increasing the number of female police officers is not the only solution. Only then will they be able to perform their duties properly. It is undeniable that women are more capable than men. So this step of the government is very constructive.

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