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    Pay attention while working on the laptop.

    Nowadays, most of the world's biggest and smallest works are being done through technical means, which we are aware of. For this either computer, or laptop is used. People use chair tables when they use computers, but these days when people are working on laptops in abundance, one should not ignore their health.

    People have a misconception that laptops are for their convenience and that they can use it in any state, rather the main purpose of laptops is that you can use them at any place. This doesn't mean lying on the bed all the time, half-reclined on the couch, or in any other way keeping the laptop on the tummy or the legs the entire time.

    I am saying this because I have found that people do not pay attention to the way their body sits properly while working on laptops, which is very harmful. While working on the laptop, try to work on the chair table or even folded bed laptop table and keep your sitting posture correct so that in the future you do not have any kind of problems related to the spinal or nervous system.

    Take care of yourself, It is true that work is important, but do not forget that you are the most important.
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    A piece of good advice from the author. I am also seeing many people working on their laptops in different postures. Some people lie down and keep their laptops on their bodies. Some people keep working while lying in bed. This practice is not good. That will give rise to body pains and other health problems. Later on, these people have to pay many visits to physiotherapy clinics. The postures should be convenient and should not cause pain to any particular part of the body because of our posture. Once we sit on a comfortable chair and keep the laptop on a table, we can sit comfortably and work as we work in our offices. But when we work from home we will not pay that much attention to this posture and we will be left with some unwanted problems.
    Prevention is always better than cure. So let us concentrate on this important aspect and avoid running into problems afterwards.

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    A good advice by the author. Though we had discussed this issue earlier also but anything related to our health and body is always welcome for further discussions. Sitting posture is of prime importance during working on computers and one has to take care in that. Though there are some radiation related issues also there for people working for long hours but the effects on health due to wrong posture are more severe. It is advisable that one has to take a break, after each hour of working on computers, for at least 10 minutes. During that time one has to either walk in the room or do some stretching exercises. Many people follow this and are benefited much. The main strain in our body due to prolonged sitting on computers is felt by eyes and back. Both are very important parts of the body and require rest and change frequently.
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    This is very good advice from the author on how to use the laptop and the right posture. Since the words lap top people take it granted to keep the gadget on the lap hours together compromising their posture, and heat generated below would be harmful. Moreover in desk top the screen is static and cannot be moved. Whereas the lap top screen can be moved and tilted to suit the viewing pleasure and here the computer rays would also affect our eyes if not the screen properly placed. And there are people who keep the lap top in on mode so that they can log in immediately but even at the bedside they keep the gadget open which proves harmful for the health. In no case our office work should not interfere our personal life and therefore laptop be kept at the designated place with switched off position and for our safety.
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