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    Is it a change in the environment or we have become more sensitive?

    There was a time when staying in the sun for even hours did not cause any problem except heat and sweat. After coming home, only a glass of cold water, that too of an earthen pot was enough to remove all the fatigue. But today a person covers himself with complete sunscreen before going into the sun, still, there are problems related to the skin. Whether it is the youth, children or the elderly, nowadays everyone is advised not to go in the strong sun.

    But is this habit making us more sensitive? Children who spend more time in AC since childhood also have more skin problems.

    What do you think, is the sun no longer giving us the pure sunlight that we should protect ourselves from it, or the products we use to save ourselves are taking us away from nature? Discussion on this topic is necessary because it is a common question among many common people.
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    1. "But today a person covers himself with complete sunscreen before going into the sun, still, there are problems related to the skin"----------- I humbly disagree. Even now. less than 5% of India's population use sunscreen.

    2. "Whether it is the youth, children or the elderly, nowadays everyone is advised not to go in the strong sun."-------- Our parents used to direct us not to go out in summer noon. We never followed. Even now, children don't follow the order of their parents in this regard.

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    How many people are using sunscreen lotions? Not many. When we go and see rural areas many of the people will not use any of these products. They work in the hot sun and they have no big health problems. Especially they never visit a dermatologist. This is a fact.
    I have seen people working in the hot sun even without a shirt. As mentioned by Partha Sir, many children in villages play on the streets during their summer vacations but they have no complaints.
    The main reason is the care these days some parents take towards their wards. I feel we should not make them sit in the house always telling them it is safe to be inside. Tomorrow when they were forced to go out they will get into problems. So we should allow them to play and go out in the sunny times also.
    Another reason for these skin diseases is pollution in the atmosphere. The NOX gases and greenhouse gases in the atmosphere are causing these problems. If we stay in environmentally clean areas we will not have such problems.

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    No doubt there is a change in the environment but the sun is giving pure sunlight only. The use of sunscreen lotion is recommended not because the sunlight is strong but to protect the skin from harmful UV rays. The ozone layer protects us from harmful rays but its depletion is causing a serious issue. Just think of a chilly winter morning or afternoon. Many of us would be preferring to stay in the sunlight during those times without any restriction though some may need to follow the advice of a health professional if having a skin problem. Spending time inside an airconditioned room for a long time is not recommended as it gives rise to other issues also. Habit also has some role here and it is always better to have good knowledge about the products we use on our skin rather than relying on advertisements or advice from our friends. Remaining dependant on artificial things all the time can give rise to complications.

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    When a new child is born with Vitamin D deficiency, the doctor would advice the mother to expose the bare body of the infant to the early morning sun and get treated for the same. Here what it implied that the seasons and nature are made for the benefit of the human being and we try to escape from the same complaining the wrath of the same and take some solace with artificial created arrangements. The summer heat, the severe rain and the not withstanding cold weather are gong to happen and we are bound to sustain the onslaught of the nature. Yes I agree that there is a change in the environment and the heat was not that high in our childhood days but these days we feel the humidity even at Hyderabad which is not having sea shore. It seems we are denying the nature its right to exist and do the duty and thus it is harsh on us.
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    We are not considering the lifestyle of the people living in the past in our country. Most of the people on those days were doing their field jobs under the hot atmosphere without bothering the exposure of sun - ray. They did not think regarding the excess heat but they were rather concentrating on their jobs. Their engagements in the field did not cause any side effects. They were not deficient in Vitamin D either. But while taking the blood samples of the people living in India, we could see that most of us lack the threshold limit because of our confinements in our homes. We need our exposure in the external environment so that we could get the exposure of sun so as to get enough Vitamin D essential for maintaining our good health.

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    There had been a lot of phenomenal progress in the field of science and technology and that has changed the way people live in this world today. Though the poor people in this world are still struggling for two times meal a day but the middle class and upper class people have got sufficient money to have a comfortable life. When facilities are there people will like to sit in the AC environment and will be doing less physical work than the other people who are still working as a labour at the construction sites or other such places of work. This eventually leads in making us delicate and prone to get affected by the outside harsh environment.
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    Due to ozone layer depletion because of chemicals released by the industry, mainly chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs), more ultraviolet rays are reaching earth causing many skin problems including dreaded cancer. Also, due to the emission of greenhouse gases mainly Carbon Dioxide and Methane, global warming is occurring. The main sources of greenhouse gases are the burning of fossil fuels for energy and industries like steel and cement manufacturing etc. The greenhouse gases surrounding the earth absorb infrared radiation i.e. heat emitted by the hot surface of the earth heated during the daytime due to sun rays.

    Thus the environmental changes are causing skin problems if not taken care of by keeping it covered properly and other measures.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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