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    That rule is not applicable to me

    Any government, to give good governance, has to make some rules and regulations and these should be followed by each and every member so that there will be no issues. There are people who make these rules and there are people to approve of them and there are people to see that all will follow the rules without any deviation.

    But unfortunately, many people will not follow these rules and they will proudly say that rule is not applicable to them. Another issue is that the rule-makers will keep some loopholes that will work for their convenience and these loopholes are known to the rule makers only. So they can conveniently break them and say that those rules are not applicable to them.

    The genuine doubt I always get is why there should be exemptions for VIPs also when these rules are important. Is this attitude of 'That rule is not applicable to me' correct? Please express your views.
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    That's what we all are concerned about. A majority of the politicians are corrupt because they find various ways to indulge in illegal activities and the law enforcement agencies are also under their full control. When the rule makers are aware of the loopholes they will exploit them and will be able to come out easily after committing something illegal. Along with making the rules, there must be an independent watchdog to find out whether the rules have any loopholes. Here, I would say the judiciary acts as the independent watchdog and needs to be more cautious. Maybe the piling up of cases everywhere is causing a hindrance to discharge their duties as a supervisor. Unless the complexities of the rules created for a specific issue are not removed the loopholes will remain and VIPs will find ways to declare that the rule is not applicable to them.

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    Perhaps, there were no rules in the beginning before the advent of civilisation. People used to live in the jungles and the idiom - 'might is right' prevailed. The most powerful person used to rule the society and others used to follow him.

    The same is still prevailing at least to some extent in society in modern times also. In the present times also mighty people compel others to accept them as if they are right always. Only such persons declare that the rules are not made for them.

    A typical example of such a phenomenon is the Bihar fodder case in which a political leader of national stature is languishing in jail. He had refused to accept that the rules apply in his case as he himself is the law maker.

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    Some influential people in high positions sometimes utter these words that rules do not apply to them. Let us analyse why and how they are having such a good confidence that no one can catch them even after doing some wrong deeds. One point that comes to my mind is that these people very well know the rules and regulations and the procedures for obtaining bail and they also know that court cases go for a long time and many culprits are not punished because of lack of evidence or misplaced evidence. They probably also know that with their money power they can buy people in their favour. So all these things give them in the confidence to do wrong things and be confident that nothing is going to happen to them. We have recently witnessed many raids by ED on some influential people and the property and money found in their possesion. Some of these people are openly telling in the media then nothing is going to happen them. It is very strange to know that some of them are telling that these raids are politically motivated.
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    Basically the rules are made so as to be followed by all so that we could maintain corrupt free society. With the growing influential people in the society we have a set of influential people including the politicians who would not mind the violating the existing rules because of their influence of the administration. They think that the rules are made for the rest of masses and they should follow all such rules as framed by the laws.
    With the times, there is a surge of such upper class people not at all afraid of existing rules. There are very often raids in their premises but later on, nothing happens later due to their nexus of the law enforcement agencies. Sometimes their cases not opened even in the courts. We are afraid that with the progression of time, only a few people would be punished for violating the rules and certainly they might be poor who might be have been entrapped in some false cases.

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    After reading this post my thoughts went to old city people who never follow rules and when I asked them, the rules are not meant for them. For example the helmet rule is the must across the country and even in Hyderabad the traffic police is very strict. Unfortunately the traffic police is soft in Old city of Hyderabad wherein a certain community people does not wear the helmet and wear the skull cap to give the indication that they are from that particular community and therefore no challan is raised nor image photographed for raising a fine for not wearing the helmet. But on getting lots of complaints in the social media about police being soft to one section, now the old city people are also challan for sure and this is happening because there has been huge outcry in the public media for the rules be applied to all.
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    We must remember that the law is vital for the welfare of the people of a country. In case of violation of the law, the sovereign authority is required to comply with the law by using force and punishment. The law is when the conventional rules of social life are supported by the majority of the people and what is violated is punished. Judges exercise their discretion and fairness to ensure justice when the prevailing law becomes inappropriate with the passage of time or new problems are not found in the existing law. In this way, new laws are created and laws become epoch-making. So making laws is not a personal thing. If someone breaks the law, he is breaking the law and he is lying that it is not effective in his case. Protest against it, of course.
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    Breaking the rules is the privilege of some people but contravention of laws is a serious matter and for big politicians even violation of laws is the sleight of hands because they are considered as above the laws. Now a days it is practically experienced in political circle. How different law enforcement agencies are working for some politicians against their opponents is not a hidden secret. Even their supporters are openly violating laws and they remain untouched by the police and local administration.

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