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    Healthwise, what may be the best menu for breakfast?

    India is a vast country having a variety of cuisines available in different regions. In the northern states like Punjab and Delhi, aloo parathas and lassi are the popular options for breakfast. Other deep-fried and high-calorie items like samosas or jalebis etc. take a place of pride on the breakfast table or alternatively relished as snacks.

    In my city Lucknow also the traditional breakfast items include high-calorie items like khasta-kachori, kebab-paratha, puri-bhaji etc. besides sweets.

    As far as, I am concerned, for the last many years I take moong sprouts, boiled vegetables like broccoli, carrots, beans, oats and dry fruits etc. for my breakfast.

    Let us share information about various popular breakfast items available in different regions of India which are comparatively better for our health.
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    When it comes to having breakfast the menu hugely differs across the country and local flavours and menu takes the front seat and the people are habituated to their choice. But in the South, we are habituated to Idly as the main menu for breakfast which not only suffices the need of hunger, but it is spongy enough to be eaten even by elders without having proper teeth and the doctors also recommend Idly as the best breakfast because it is steamed out. But we do not know whether in Lucknow you get the Idly and probably few food joints may serve. However, the Idly can be prepared at the house itself and a video of the recipe is widely available on the internet I would request the author and his family to try varieties of idlis which cannot be resisted for its mere taste and healthy food properties.

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    Breakfast is the first energy input in the day for keeping us active throughout the day. It is obvious that we should take a healthy breakfast to keep ourself fit and active. Earlier I was taking a few pieces of bread and butter with milk and sometimes I was happy with a fistful of namkeen snacks and biscuits. But later I found that it was not a healthy option and I switched to daliya or corn flakes alongwith some fruits.
    In India we have so much variety of homemade snacks that there is no problem for choosing the breakfast items but it is better to take items without the use of oil and junk food. We all know these things but the actual practical realisation comes with age only. In the young age it is very difficult to control the lure for junk foods. Most of the eateries in the market offer that only today.

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    Breakfast is the first food we take in the mornings after a minimum gap of 12 hours. It is the source of energy that is required for our routines and work.
    In India, in different regions, the items that are taken as breakfast are different. In South India, the famous breakfast items are Idly, dosa, upma and pesarattu. In my opinion, Idly is the best item to consume in the morning. There is no oil used in making this item. It is cooked on steam and hence it is very healthy. This food will get digested very easily and fast. There is no hardness in this item. 3 idly in the morning and a cup of coffee is my morning food.
    Another food is fruit. Instead of eating idly, if we take some fruits also, there will not be any health problems. we should not eat oily and junk food in the mornings. Sweets and high calories foods are not good for breakfast. Cornflakes with milk with or without sugar will also be a good dish for morning eating.

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    The first food in the morning may ideally be one with less fat, with more carbs and protein. That is needed for a day full pf activity.
    The traditionally combos of Idly-Vada; Pongal; Dosa-Vada etc. with Coffee/Tea are the standard breakfast menu in Southern states of India are examples of this.

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