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    Should we continue to wear mask irrespective of status of Covid spread?

    Somehow, I have developed a liking for wearing masks. It looks like an essential item to wear with many advantages and exuding style statement too. Utility wise it closely resembles a handkerchief which most of us carry in routine.

    Delhi and most of the other major north Indian cities are notorious for air pollution and therefore wearing a mask helps in saving our lungs by filtering the particulate matter during breathing. Also, during chilly winters, wearing a mask helps us in covering a major part of our face including the nose and mouth and thus preventing exposure to excessive cold.

    It also helps us maintain our privacy in public places and other overcrowded areas.

    What are your takes on the subject matter?
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    I firmly believe that when something got habituated in our life, that should be continued irrespective of its broader use or lesser use. Wearing mask has the twin benefits that we are not exposed to the outer virus if any present in the air, and we also protect others whom we are meeting from any contact of virus through our reach out. Though Telangana govt has withdrawn the order to wear the mask as compulsion, many in our city are now habituated and I am also wearing the same. Considering the age being a senior citizen, we cannot take risk in not wearing a protective mask which costs less and avoid costly medication later. Now this is festive season and do not go for crowded place shopping wherein people wont wear mask and we are surely put into risk. So do believe in yourself and wear mask which is very much important.
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    Kailash Kumar Sir has raised a very relevant point for discussion. I live in Delhi, which suffered a lot due to Corona and the city is one of the most polluted cities in the world. As we see Corona going down gradually, the Delhiites are letting their guards down partially, and are taking 'mask up' policy little bit lightly.
    Personally, I, still wear musk whenever I go out. I still go out very less only when it is absolutely necessary. However, in public places, I now wear only one mask instead of double masks.
    My daughter nowadays stays at Vadodara. There is almost no mass restriction there and this situation has been continuing since June 2021. However, I insist her to use mask whenever she goes out of her university hostel.

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    It's better to keep ourselves protected irrespective of whether there are strict guidelines. The author has mentioned pollution which is another good reason for wearing a mask. Even if there is no serious threat from the virus the increasing levels of pollution may force us to wear masks when going outside. Now when to use the mask and when not to has to be decided by the individual according to the situation.

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    I feel it is better to wear masks irrespective of the conditions outside concerning COVID. Mask is having multiple advantages. We will be safe when we are in public places as unwanted will not enter our body through the nose and mouth. In the present scenario of pollution in many places wearing a mask is very essential. So I continue wearing a mask when I go out. Wearing it for a long time and wearing it while climbing the stairs maybe a little inconvenience. But it has its worth. Especially when we are in a crowded place and when we are conversing with somebody across the table we should not forget to use a mask.
    Many people in Hyderabad already stopped using masks. Some people wear the mask on their chin but will never cover the essential parts which are the nose and mouth. Insist all my family members to continue using the mask when they go out and spend time in public places.

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    I am of the opinion that wearing a mask is not at all the bad idea especially when we have seen the people struggling for their lives due to the pandemic phase. Many such people could have been saved with the proper observation of the corona protocol including the mask wearing. However, with the time intensity of the disease has dropped making it almost nil in India but still then continuation of mask wearing should not be ignored since there are many pockets where we cannot say how far it is safe in respect of complete safety. It has the serval variants and still China has not come out of this pandemic. Hence we should follow the mask wearing till such time when our neighbouring countries, too, have not a single patient suffering from corona.

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