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    Can we remain free from our responsibilities?

    I am sure all of you would love to lead your life in your own ways without any interference from others and actually that's what we expect. Now many of you would call this freedom and I would not question you about it. You can go to any place you wish and do whatever you want and sometimes we fail to create boundaries. You may always ask why one has to create boundaries when you have absolute freedom and I would say this feeling can give rise to carelessness. When you are careless, you are neither concerned about your well being nor others' well being. Many have this kind of feeling which actually creates hurdles in many ways. Whenever we use the term freedom or independence we should question ourselves freedom from what? India got independence from the British rulers and so are many other countries. But has the country forgotten its responsibility towards its citizens? The answer is no though I do agree that politicians have ruined many things. We got freedom from the clutches imposed on us but not from our senses. In any case, as an individual or as a community we cannot remain free from our responsibilities.
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    The author has discussed the free and freedom aspects in this thread. As a human being we are indebted and connected to various factors and our life revolves around them and therefore there is no question of free in our responsibilities. Some responsibilities are for self and some are being undertaken to restore happiness and security in others. And as regards to freedom from the clutches of the British, even that has not happened urgently. It took 200 years for the people of India then, that they have been under the slave rule of British empire and thanks to far reaching thoughts of Gandhi and his followers which made the freedom movement possible and we achieved it. One thing is sure we cannot escape from the freedom of responsibilities bestowed on us and that has to be done till our last breath for sure.
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    Going away from responsibilities is not a good trait. We should fulfil all our responsibilities. In that process, we may encounter some problems but we need not leave behind our responsibilities anticipating problems. Freedom is required but that can't be misused. It may be your own house you can not set it on fire. That may damage the houses of surrounding people and their freedom will be snatched away by you
    Freedom is important not only to you but also the other people. So one should behave themselves always keeping this in your mind. Taking care of children is the responsibility of the parents. That should not be thought of as losing our freedom. We have to see that the children are good and they are enjoying their time. In the same way, old parents should not be considered a disturbance to our freedom. We all should understand that responsibilities are also as important as freedom.

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    We cannot shirk away from our responsibilities. Whether it is for our family or society or country we have to feel responsible for many things. As a good citizen what is our role in the society. Are we adhering to the rules and regulations of the country? For example when we are driving are we following the traffic rules or not and making way for the other people. Each and every of our actions will affect others in the society. There are many things which we must understand without anyone telling us. The facilities given by the government to the people is just like our own property and we must care and keep it intact. If anyone is damaging the public property we must resist it and report it to the authorities. If we behave in that fashion then it is called that we are responsible to our country. Every citizen is having a huge responsibility towards its country in reciprocation to the response of the government for its citizens.
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    Generally, everybody is considerate and careful about his responsibilities concerning his family. Even some of us are careful about social responsibilities as well.
    If someone is careless about his responsibilities and runs away from fulfilling his duties I think this man is a burden on this earth.
    I feel too bad when I see some people who are irresponsible, especially, about their respective families. Their wives and children don't spend a normal happy life. They are deprived of a comfortable life. I feel pity for them.

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    So long as we are alive, we are conscious of our responsibilities and this sense will remain with us till our death unless something happens otherwise. This is rather an inbuilt quality which spew have learnt from our family culture. However, the unfortunate part is that not all the people are equally responsible and they might shy away from their own responsibilities and for this irresponsible act, their own close relatives say their kids are the ultimate sufferers. They really lead very miserable lives due to indisciplined behaviours of their fathers. They become directionless sometimes falling prey to antisocial elements due to the family environments. I really feel pity for them.

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