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    Electricity is a wonderful discovery of the driving force of civilization

    The people of today's world depend on electricity. It is not easy to do even a little work without electricity. Just think, what would we do without electricity? Electricity has made human life easier and more colorful. In short, electricity is one of the essentials of our modern life. Modern civilization has developed with the help of today's machinery, by using the power of electricity. We also wonder how our ancestors lived without electricity. So it is important to remember about saving electricity. I think the invention of electricity is the best invention of science. What do you think?
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    That is true. Our life has taken a complete turn with the discovery of electricity, No water taps in the bathroom, we have to carry water with buckets. We have to carry hot water heated on a firewood stove to have a bath. In many houses these days if there is no water in the overhead tank, they will wait for power to come and then only they will go for a bath.
    So many industries might not have been developed and factories might have not come. That way electricity made lives easy and happy.
    I say electricity made human beings lazy. They have every tool driven by electricity to replace their physical activity in their daily lives. Thanks to electricity for the comforts it has brought to us in our lives.

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    After reading this post my thoughts went to varied aspects to which electricity played the driving force and just thought it that is not present what would have been our fate. If the electricity was not there during the pandemic, how the patients could have been treated in the hospitals who needed continuous oxygen support. How the life would have without electricity and how the rankers would have studied in the dark nights. If the electricity was not there, how the govt would have evacuated the stranded students in Ukraine through the local trains to the border and then airlifted to Delhi;.Just imagine without electricity we would have pushed back to 200 years past and that would be have daunting task to even think about. Our economy would certainly on cart phase movement and we are always thankful to electricity.
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    In the last few centuries the scientific inventions have revolutionised the way people live on this planet. There are many inventions made by the scholars and scientists in various areas and electricity is one of them. It lit the whole world.
    Before the invention of this miraculous entity people depended on the light created by fire or burning of fossil fuels. During my childhood we had no electricity in our village and we used to depend on a small kerosene lamp in which there was a small tank in which kerosene was filled and then there was a cotton stick which came out through an open hole and we lit it with a match box. It gave light but it blackened the roof of the room also. The light was also less not like today's electric bulbs or LED lamps.

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    Electricity is not a discovery. Instead, it is an incarnation of deities of energy.
    During the Vedic periods, people used to worship the different forms of energy as deities like Agni (Heat Energy), Vayu (Wind Energy), Varun (Tidal Wave Energy), Indra (Rains) etc.
    Similarly, Electricity is a deity in form of energy in modern times. Nuclear energy is also such a deity.
    Deities bless mankind like Vishnu if worshipped i.e. treated well with due respect and reverence or destroy like Shiva if due respect is not paid.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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