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    Along with the quality of the product, the art of selling is also important.

    The principle of business always emphasizes customer satisfaction, that business is successful which gives equal importance to customer satisfaction along with its profit. When we talk about customer satisfaction or customer retention, many factors are important, one of them being the quality of the service or product. But through any factor, you cannot take your business to heights unless you have the knowledge of the art of taking the product to the right people. Perhaps this is the reason why experts from every field are kept in big businesses so that there is no question of a lack of any art.

    Our biggest achievement is that we can learn not only from other people but also from the activities happening around us. We should learn this art from businessmen, how to take our own talents and arts to the right people so that we get the opportunity that we deserve. By hiding yourself, you may be late to the place that you could have reached in less time.
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    Nice post from the author. It is the fact that marketing is the great trait and not every executive or the company would be successful and the art of selling has been the cracker for the companies because producing a product is good and important but marketing the same and the reach should be formidable and more demand forthcoming in future and in that case the entire marketing team would be having wholesome pressure to sell the stocks until its over and again go for new production. In between the enemy company traits should also be gauged and there need to be long term strategy with offers and discounts so that one must outsmart others and sell the products. There is always vigil in the market and any deviation in or drop in sales immediately attended by offers, discounts and even vast advertisements for sure.
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    Quality is an in-house subject and that can be addressed by our people in making. But selling is not an in-house subject. The customer is involved. A customer is very important for your business. His delight is the key to the success of the business. The main job of a marketing man is to convince the buyer and get an order. Then the quality of the product comes on to the front. If the quality of the product is as expected the customer may go for a repeat order. If the customer is delighted with the quality he will become a fan of the product and may suggest the same to others also. A quality product will make the work of a marketing person easy as getting repeat orders will become easy. If the quality is not good the job of marketing man will become very tough. He has to address the complaints that are being received from the market. That will become a big issue between the makers and the sellers. That is why in any manufacturing company the marketing department will be the first department that will get maximum attention and importance.
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    Marketing and advertising is the most important part of a business process and without them, no business can flourish. It is interesting to note that the big reputed companies who are manufacturing branded products or trading in them are spending high amounts on advertisements and marketing. They have the best products available for sale but still, they have to go for such measures. That shows how much marketing is important. Another thing is many companies have comparable products and it is difficult for the consumer to differentiate between them and decide which one to buy. In such a situation one who is aggressively marketing through various methods and techniques gets the lion's share of the market.
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