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    Are road accidents increasing or decreasing due to growing use of mobile phones?

    The use of mobile phones during driving is identified as one of the major causes of road accidents. However, while going through a cartoon about the increasing use of mobile phones in society, it suddenly flashed in my mind that if people are getting used to being engrossed in social media to such an extent that even family members are interacting with each other through texting while sitting in the same room, then such behaviour might be indirectly helping us in containing or controlling road accidents.

    Are people, being engrossed in social media, venturing less outdoors on roads for doing errands and fetching supplies as most of the commodities and services are presently available online and also because they have become addicted to the use of social media? If so, then there will be less crowding on the roads.

    Still, the fact remains that even the reduced volume of traffic will continue to cause pathetic road accidents because the major factors like vehicle design and condition, road engineering, speeding, drunken driving/consumption of alcohol and drugs, driving on the wrong side, jumping the red light etc will continue to be there.

    What are your thoughts about the subject matter?
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    There are many reasons of road accidents and using mobile during driving is one of them. The main reason of road accidents is reckless driving associated with impulsive and irresponsible behaviour of people in our country. Some people have got aggressive and temperamental nature. While driving they will tease the other people driving alongside and in that frenzy many times meet with accidents of serious nature. Using mobile phone during such mental phases will only add fuel to the fire.
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    The problem of driving while using mobiles is causing many accidents. It is the general perception among the people. But the author brought in a new angle to that. Is this addiction to social media is making accidents reduce? A new thought. People don't want to go out. But my thinking is something different. They prefer going out, eating out and enjoying also. But while doing this also they don't want to get out of contact with social media. That is what really causing the problem. While driving, while eating while spending time in the washroom and even while feeding the kids with food also, the mobile will be in their hand and they will be seeing the screen. While driving if they do that, there will be accidents. So I don't think there will be any reduction in accidents if at all there is no increase. Many drivers these days use blue tooth and go on talking on their mobiles while driving also and they are causing accidents.
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    The use of mobile phones while driving has become a fashion among some as they not only bring danger of life to them but also to the other road users. Mobile phones are introduced to have safe talking convenience and that too while sitting at any place and not through the mobility on any things. The other day a auto driver was seen talking on the phone and suddenly a school child was came running to cross the road and the auto drive was about to knock the child down because was busy on phone and not on the road. Likewise the youth are seen texting the mobile while running on their bike and that is very dangerous. Even online app executives keep on talking over the mobile to locate the destination and thus they may loose concentration of the road for sure. For me the call should not be attended or otherwise stop the vehicle and talk .
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    Yes, that is one of the reasons for the accidents taking place on roads but despite this riders would not like to follow the road discipline. They might be fined many times by the traffic police for such violations but there is no effect on them. However there is one more reason for the road accidents when they are under the conditions of alcoholism taking somebody else with the mobile phones.They would not be alert but while on the roads, we need to ensure safety of ourselves maintaining appreciable distance with such violators. They are not the rational people, if we interrupt them, they would come forward with aggressive terms.

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    I agree with the author that the mobile phones are becoming an additional tool for the increase in road accidents,Yesterday I have seen a lady driving scooter but holding her mobiles in her neck slipped down on the road and a car driver who hold his blue tooth in his ears fortunately and casually applied brake so the mishap averted. Moreover yesterday was Sunday and thereby volume of traffic was also less. It is not good to expect everything to be banned or viewed legally but we should apply our mind in using the mobiles while driving or crossing the roads or boarding or alighting from the bus/train. But many people do not realize the danger out of such actions.

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