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    What we have learnt from covid pandemic?

    All of us have learnt many lessons in the last two years of the onslaught of covid. Many things already known to us got newer interpretations and our faith and beliefs got reinforced during the trial and tribulations. A few of the lessons which have undergone revision are as follows -

    1. Health is indeed wealth
    2. Savings is a must for rainy days
    3. Good habits and a disciplined lifestyle pays
    4. We should believe in ourselves and have faith and patience
    5. There are disparities in society and all are not treated equally especially during a pandemic

    Let us discuss and share our thoughts on the subject matter.
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    We had discussed these issues earlier also but it is always good to discuss things that provide us in learning cautions and precautions for safeguarding ourselves from these types of pandemics and the lessons learnt would go a long way in our lives. I will also like to mention a few things in this context. First of all there is a strong requirement for a robust health system in our country and there has to be a still better health insurance mechanism for the people, especially the poor people who cannot pay for health insurance premiums. Local community centres and gram panchayats are to be involved in the vaccination drives and processes. Cheaper drugs and vaccines are to be manufactured for large scale distribution of drugs to poor people. Once the health care system is strong and in place then facing the pandemic would be an easier thing. Another takeaway from the Covid pandemic is that citizens should have alertness and good respond to the Govt directives whenever such a thing repeats in future. Govt would miserably fail if people do not cooperate due to any reason.
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    Yes. Many of us learnt many lessons during the pandemic.
    Many of us used to think some of the issues that were being insisted on by our elders are unnecessary. But we realised that they are very important for maintaining hygiene. Washing feet before entering the house, changing the dress after coming back from home and taking a bath before we eat. Washing hands before eating and after eating. We got accustomed to these habits and now we are continuing the same practices.
    The importance of health is recognised by even youth and children also.
    We understood the importance of online transactions and we continue online money transfers.
    We understood that we can manage everything from home without putting a foot out of our house.
    People understood that having money alone will not ensure everything in our life. There are many things that are not in our control.

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    What I have examined and short listed that we have learned much out of Covid Pandemic that a disease which is not seen and yet made the powerful impact on our life making us aloof from others and there has been sudden change of behavior who ever was diagnosed with positive. That long planning made by the human being goes waste as nothing is permanent and one has to leave sooner or later. Those who had the money has to shell down for the doctor expenses, and those who does not have the money stay put inside the house and recovered on own. That the govt hospitals need to be strengthened as not all would be financially fit enough to gough up big bills through the pandemic phases. That we must be ever ready to face several such virus in future as there seems to be no stoppage of this dreaded disease.
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    We have to continue mask and sanitization procedures still in our daily life as we are seeing a new X E variant entered Mumbai. This variant spreads more faster than Omicron. Our governments must increase hospital facilities to deal with all health problems.

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    I completely agree with what Ramakrishna Kambhampati has said that we need to wear a mask when we step out. Although some reports state that the new variant is nothing to panic about, others disagree. In any case, we are at least aware that the virus mutates and that it has wreaked havoc once again in China and even in the UK.

    I do think we should not let our guard down and be complacent, thinking many have taken the double jabs of the vaccine. We know that the vaccine cannot give 100% protection, that we can still catch it even with a third, booster dose. Simply because we know the vaccine prevents death does not mean that we think, 'It's ok if we get Covid'. No! Don't be foolish. It's not Ok. You may think it is mild, but you should be aware that it takes a really long time to be fully 100% fit with a major loss of energy due to constant fatigue. There have been reports of long-term effects too on various systems of our body, so do take care. Wear that mask.

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    As for general lessons learned from the pandemic, a few we ought to have learned-
    1. Do not postpone things, whether it is something as simple as submitting a KYC form at the bank or doing a routine health check-up. The time to do something is NOW.

    2. Always keep an envelope of cash as a buffer, for emergencies. That is, it should be a separate amount from your regular monthly budget purse. Believe me, this buffer cash will be the most useful thing you ever did if, God forbid, a medical emergency arises out of the blue in the way that unfolded when the pandemic struck and lockdown derailed everything.

    3. Repair relationships that for some silly reason went off-track. Let go...grudges, anger... whatever negativity that you feel towards somebody. Stop postponing that sorry or that friendly call or meet. Otherwise, you will be left only with regrets.

    4. Know your family better. Locked in the house, you suddenly realized you didn't really know them as well as you thought you did, their interests, their day-to-day moments that they had always wanted to share, but you always turned a deaf ear to as you were "busy".

    5. Don't bury yourself in gadgets. Spend time in real-time conversations with people, not only family and friends but others. Go to the market, to the post office, to the bank...

    6. Encourage local stores. Stop buying things online when you can buy them locally. Stop bargaining if you are privileged and can afford to buy what you want. They have suffered huge losses. Be empathetic. Be kind.

    7. Read books, listen to music, sit quietly. You likely did all this during the lockdown and were glad to get out of staying indoors. Yet, some quiet "me" time is really good for you!

    When you make a commitment, you create hope. When you keep a commitment you create trust! ~ John C. Maxwell

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