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    Signs of development which I noticed in the US?

    During my sojourns in the US, I could observe and realised what it means by being a developed nation. It is not about spacecraft, IT giants, manufacture of commercial jetlines, fighter planes, advanced weapon systems or breakthroughs in the medical field but other things, a few of which are listed below -

    1. Even on much less frequented roads with no signal systems, the vehicles stop for a while before taking turns.
    2. Vehicle drivers accord precedence to the pedestrians i.e. they stop and wave the pedestrians to go ahead and cross the road.
    3. At major road crossings, there are zebra crossings with pedestrian signals and push-buttons. People push the button and wait till the crossing signal turns white before attempting to cross the road.
    4. While walking on the roads in the residential areas, passersby give a friendly smile or say Hi or wave hands even to unknown persons presuming that they are neighbours.
    5. In public places like restaurants, malls etc. people hold the door for letting others enter or exit.

    Civilised people in India also behave politely to others but the majority, I think, have no time for such things in the rat race for catching the next bus/metro.

    Have you ever noticed any unforgetable nice behaviour of others?
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    If US road users stops at the signal even without the system not working that proves their road ethics being followed even in the absence of traffic cops. And giving top priority to pedestrians was never a habit to our Indian motorists as they always had the upper hand. The pelican lights system is also provided in our state and city, but seldom the pedestrian use the same nor the motorists allow the pedestrians to cross the roads. And waving hand and giving a smile to even unknown person is the great trait and we should also emulate. And giving the way for others in public places holding the door is the great gesture. By reading the post shared by the author it is amply clear that the more the educated people live in the country they would follow even small rules and unfortunately we are infant in terms of above traits.
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    I have also observed in the developed countries what Kailash Kumar Sir has stated in his post. I would also like to add the elevator etiquettes which I noticed in these countries. Nowhere in India, I noticed elevator etiquettes. I am admitting this with heavy heart.
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    True. Even when foreigners come to India, they smile at new people also and wish them Hi. That has been noticed by me also many times. When I was in the USA, I hired a vehicle and went somewhere. On the way, the driver followed all the things mentioned by the author in this thread. I think there, discipline will be given the topmost priority over other issues. He never used the horn while on move. He managed himself with his driving.
    But in our country, even some educated people also will never think of rules. Their journey, their time and their convenience will be the first requirement. When he sees a person crossing the road will never slow down. Instead, shout at the person who is crossing the road.
    I think the main reason for this is the high population density. The infrastructure is not in proportion with the population density. Still, we have to go a long way to match the developed countries in these aspects. Education may be one of the important issues to be addressed as in India there are many uneducated peop

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    Dr. Rao Sir has opined: "I think the main reason for this is the high population density."

    But, in Singapore and in Japan, the population density is very high, maybe higher than the population density in India. But people are very civil, well-mannered and follow etiquettes. Why this is so?

    “Khamosh rahoon toh mushkil hain, keh doon toh shikayat hoti hain" (It is difficult to remain silent; But if I speak, they complain.) --------- Saba Afghani

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    The success of being born as a human being can be found in the proper fulfillment of the responsibilities assigned to the people of every class and profession living in the society. For example, the arrogance of a tree is its fruit and in this arrogance or pride, the tree does not become arrogant but bends its branches and shows humility. In the case of similar people also, if the real sage and scholar are given power, he begs whether he is suitable for this power or not. And rudeness is just the opposite, we know that very much because the external appearance around us always shows it. India's civilization is ancient, but we are still in the dark because it has not developed overall. A small incident I was out of work then, on the way back to Calcutta, suddenly met an old friend almost 10 years later. I told, how are you? He raised his hand passed me and said I am ok, goodbye and see you again. Then he runs toward Bus. I stared in amazement. So as long as our humanity does not wake up, we will remain at the doorstep of civilization.
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    Discipline and good behaviour has no substitute. In some developed countries like the example of US cited by the author, people generally follow the basic manners and etiquette in their lives and people from the countries like India might get surprised to observe that type of discipline and good manners. These things we cannot learn in one day and they take a long time to become a part of our culture. In a country having low population and good education along with good job opportunity it is possible to have a disciplined culture which we do not find in the backward or developing countries. There are many factors which contribute to such an environment of order and respect but primarily it is somehow linked to the affluence of the people as well as low population and more career related opportunities. In our country itself we can find the differences in this respect between the high end rich housing complexes and lower class dwelling units or slum areas. Prosperity of people is also in some way connected to good and polite behaviour.
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    Yes, as Dr Rao has pointed out, generally people don't use horns here except in exceptional circumstances to caution the other vehicles. Generally, on roads, no two-wheelers are visible, nor any three-wheeler like rickshaws or autos or carts of any kind. The Uber drivers are very polite and they always say thank you and wish a good day after dropping at the destination.
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    The author has noticed these good qualities of US people which he has mentioned in his post and indeed these beautiful manners are praiseworthy though but these traits can't be generalised. i dont intend to find some negative aspects in their life style that can be listed easily if reckoned but it will not be fair. However , I would like to say that Indians are better hosts than all the western world.

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