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    The success of player - the credit goes to coach or the performer

    In every sport where the players need group coordination and unison contributions the specific feeds and suggestions from the coach is highly expected and before the start of every match the coach would brief the players about the impending challenges to be faced from the opponents and thus make them mentally prepared to take on the match. Though the advice is for all in the group, when it comes to performance at the hustings, it is the individual strategy and idea that would excel them to be far better than other players in the same team. In that case whom can be credited for the success, the coach or the individual player ?
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    The coach may be giving you suggestions and clues to fare better in the game. That is true. But that will never give a 100% guarantee that the player will perform well. A person can take a horse to the pond but can't make it to drink. In the same way, the individual player has to understand the technique and should have a mind to apply himself and perform well. So the credit will go to the player for his performance. But the player should acknowledge the help rendered by the coach for his improved performance.
    A coach should observe every player when he is practising and tell him the points which will help him to improve his performance. Later on, the player has to take his suggestions and implement them. A coach will be more useful to improve the group dynamics and decision-making abilities of the team. A person with better skills can use the suggestions of the coach to improve his skills and perform well.

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