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    It is natural for most people to blame others?

    People can make mistakes, if they accept them, there is an opportunity to correct the mistake. But if we do not accept the mistake and put it on the shoulders of others, then there is no chance to correct it. This creates distance, increases bitterness, and destroys the place of honor, whether at work or within the family. The one who is blamed is thrown into a kind of discomfort. He was wronged for no reason. Many parents do not want to admit their children's faults or shortcomings easily, or they do not want to know. The children will receive the education that will be given to them at an early age. If children make a mistake, if they are caught and given a chance to correct it, they will receive a good education. Will accept the lesson of understanding one's own mistakes. So if it is wrong in general, it is better to admit it.
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    Only yesterday I was witness to a small accident that happened in front of me. There was heavy traffic jam and the two wheeler are taking the left side and moving and suddenly one scooter stopped and the back motorcycle hit him hard in the side and thus the new scooter smoke pipe got damaged and the person claims that it is new scooter and need to be claimed. But the motor cycle person was insisting he was right and the sudden stoppage made his vehicle to hit the scooter to which the owner does not agree and the motorcycle fellow fled away and there was huge chasing from the scooter fellow and could not match the speed and thus vanished into the gully with no trace. So here the mistake is of scooter rider and therefore hs claim was wrong and he started blaming the motorcycle rider for no reason.
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    It is a natural human tendency to blame others for their own faults. There are very few people in this world would take blame on their own head and accept it. In political circles blaming each other is so common that without that the politicians cannot survive. It is not in a good taste but by doing this people divert attention of all viewers to someone else who has actually not done any mistake. There are many simple and gullible people in this world who believe each and every word spoken by a person who is blaming the other person for his own bad deeds. The people who have a tendency for blaming others are generally caught also after sometime and that eventually decreases their reputation in the society.
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    Though it can be argued or compromised ourselves that blaming others for own mistake is common, it is painful for that person on whom the mistake is launched. Nobody think about the person without blemish. Recently I heard a person and his wife who have no child took care on his brother and did many helps to
    her growth from the delivery. Years back his wife died but still this person spend his time and money for the child. But for no reason the brother and his wife accused the elder as they gave more pampering to the child and spoiled the child.

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    This is very common. People will never realise their mistakes. People who understand their mistakes and try to correct their mistakes will correct themselves easily and progress in their lives well. But some people never understand their mistakes. Such people will never correct themselves and progress. There is a third type of people also. They know their faults and they know that they have to correct themselves but never accept in presence of others that they did a mistake. Such people may correct themselves in their further attempts but they try to blame somebody else for the failures.
    A sincere person should accept his mistakes and take the suggestions of the people to correct their mistakes. Throwing the blame on each other is a blame game and we see this blame game in this world in many places finally an innocent person may get hit and the person who did a mistake will go scat free without any loss.

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    One loses the opportunity to learn further by not admitting their mistakes. The first and foremost requirement of learning is to accept that many things are still unknown and there is no dearth of opportunities to acquire further knowledge.

    Mistakes become the greatest teachers provided we accept them. They will teach us like nothing else. On the contrary, there is no gain in blaming others.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    It is common to blame others for every mistake and interesting point is that other people like this blame game too and the innocent person becomes accused for no reason. It happens everywhere. Now a days it has become a trending fashion to blame others. The best example of this blame game is politics where every political party blames its rival or oppoitite political party and hilarious thing is that despite knowing the facts some people belive in fabricated stories. I think you might have noticed it too. Ain't you?

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    This is probably the easiest thing anyone can do to hide their failure. As long as there are people in the world who make themselves feel satisfied by blaming others, it is not going to end. Admittedly, it is very difficult to blame ourselves for our own mistake, then admit it and then correct it. But this is the way which leads us towards success. After all, how long will you make others the medium for your defeat? The day you will find the reason behind your failures you will get many successes in your life by yourself and at that moment you will only feel proud on you.

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