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    Priorities will be changing always

    A human being may be having many requirements in his life. But the first and the foremost requirement will be to satisfy his/ her hunger. Once the hunger is fulfilled the other requirements will crop up. They may be like clothes and a house to live in. Again here the priority will be clothing. Once we have something to wear, our priority will shift to having a house to live in. Like this, the priorities of human beings will change from time to time.

    In the same way, based on the age and the nature of the man also the priorities will change. A person may have a priority for tasty food but another person may have a priority for good clothes. Like this, the priorities of people will be different and that depends on many issues.

    In the same way, the priorities of organisations will also change from time to time. What are your views on this?
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    I personally believe that prioritisation is what matters most. Generally, people are not fully aware of the significance and importance of prioritisation and often end up becoming losers solely because they could not prioritise their goals. Children should be taught by their parents from the beginning during the process of their raising how to separate the chaff from grains.

    One typical example is the period of growth from adolescence to youth. This phase is perhaps the most critical phase in human life. One has to focus on studies to shape their future life though at the same time they become quite prone to get carried away due to hormonal changes in the body and thus spoil their future life by not paying due attention to studies etc.

    Their priority has to be focused on their studies. Once successful in getting a good status after that, they are likely to get better opportunities to enjoy the fruits of life including getting a matching life partner.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    The author is right that each of us has different priorities on different occasions and time and these priorities are changed as the situations or circumstances demand. Priorities come up when a man has capability to choose a thing out of different things that may fulfil his requirement. But people have different priorities as per their understanding and intelligence and when it is required to prioritise things then he needs to array all the required things meticulously. Sometimes, a person wrongly prioritises things that takes him falling into kind of problems.

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    There is important saying in Hindi and that has been even hijacked by the Congress party lead by Indira Gandhi then. Roti, Kapada aur Makhan, these are basic needs of the common man and the govt is duty bound to address the same for the poor. While Roti can be ensured for getting the right job to the qualified person to which many govts failed and it is the respective individual toil on daily basis. And Kapada refers to clothes and that can be possible if the daily earning was good. And Makhan is nothing but dwelling. It may a thatched house, rented house or govt sponsored free house, but a person has to have a shelter so that everything can be planned and got. Apart from the above priorities, the person would be planning for the secured future either savings through bank or investing the money in gold or land if the income is formidable.
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    Our life is a dynamic journey where situations in circumstances change from time to time and our priorities and decisions to take for our actions also change accordingly. In the journey of our lives new situations always emerge out and new options are presented to us for taking a decision at any juncture. Depending on our priorities at that point of time we have to select an appropriate option and go ahead with that to pursue our objectives and to achieve our goals.
    People who are able to pinpoint their priorities at a given point of time are generally successful in having a good progress in their lives. Going ahead in a haphazard way will never be helpful.

    Knowledge is power.

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