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    How much time should be spent on the social media?

    I spent quite some time on social media like Facebook, WhatsApp, Quora, LinkedIn etc. as after retirement I have enough time to indulge in such activities. Though, I know that spending too much time on social media is likely to put much strain on the eyes and raise other issues as well but still I am not able to control myself much.

    I am raising this thread with the hope that my fellow ISCians may be able to guide me in this regard as to how to limit time spent on social media.
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    How much time be spent on the social media is always accompanied with the interest and eager to know the happenings around us and also eagerness to share some of the moments of our personal life and thereby getting solace. But what I feel that social media has become the hindrance to our daily life and we are getting addicted to contributions without nothing in return and in fact the comments we receive on our post are rave and even disturbing which what I consider that we are inviting the trouble for ourselves. Just visit the social media for new updates and share what ever you want and that should not disturb others and do not spend more time. Instead ISC can be visited and share the ideas and content here so that every work brings in money, build the knowledge and also gets name and fame through the awards.
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    Use of social media for a limited time maybe a good idea to communicate with friends and get some general information as what is happening around us but indulging in it for a longer time is not a very good habit. It not only eats our time but also makes our creative facilities dull and resistive to actions. In my opinion we should not indulge in social media more than one hour per day which itself is actually in the higher side.
    There are some people who are spending 6 to 8 hours per day in social media and are doing that work only if you say that it is at all a work. Actually this is a type of addiction and once a person is under the spell of an addiction then it becomes very difficult to come out of that.

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    Reading a book is different from reading the same on a screen. When there is proper lighting outside and if the letters are big enough, reading that book may not cause a big problem for our eyes. If you use a screen to read your eyes will get strained more. So I suggest you spend some time reading books. Based on your interest you can select the books. I spend daily one or two hours reading books. Mostly, I will be reading epics written in Telugu.
    An hour or so in a day that not in one stretch is OK for seeing social media. Another one hour is in on our emails may also be Ok. More than that in a single stretch may not be good. I asked an ophthalmologist about this and he says that by using reading glasses one can reduce the harm of using the computer continuously also for 4 to 5 hours. But in between after every half, an hour or so stop for a minute and then continue. I follow that suggestion always.

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    Spending a lot of time on social media has been deemed wrongly in the past and still it is often advised to especially younger generation to avoid being on social media. Indeed, social media at some point can eat up your brain, some sites are dangerous and kill our creativity. However, if used well, it can be a gift worth a millon. I think one's interest in the media and the availability of time relates to the time spend on social media. I honestly spend quite a lot of time social media but it mainly to solve my queries of the day and to learn what happens around us. Social media has become a great tool for success too, influencers, digital marketer, social media manager are all real career path that pays you well. There all in all the usage of social media depends on how much time to have in hand and how interested are you in it.
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    I would suggest you use your Laptop or Desktop to access all the platforms that you have mentioned here. The screen is much much bigger than your smart mobile device and I think there will be less strain on your eyes.

    Now let's come to the point of spending time on social media. You have mentioned that after your retirement you have got enough time to surf through various social media platforms but the thing is you are getting 24 hours like before. How you are utilising this time is quite important. During your service, you were engaged in your professional activities and now you find out something that will keep you engaged. It may be your hobbies or some new venture that you have planned earlier. You need to think about whether to utilize the time on engaging activities or just to spend the time somehow. Spending a lot of time scrolling the social media platforms may keep you engaged but it's not something productive unless you use social media for any business purpose. Find out the purpose of why you are using such platforms and analyze how you can utilize time in some other ways. I hope this analysis may help.


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