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    Tips for maintaining good dental hygiene

    As far as I know, many people in India face challenges in maintaining good dental hygiene, especially in old age and consequently have to shell out larger sums to the dentist. In a lighter vein, it can be said visiting a dentist i.e. one's capability to afford the cost of dental treatment has become a sort of status symbol in India. People tend to boast about their rendezvous with the dentist.

    Do you have any tips to share and discuss for maintaining good dental hygiene? Is it better to brush our teeth before breakfast or after breakfast? Is brushing our teeth early in the morning after waking up sufficient or brushing the teeth again before going to bed at the night is a must?

    Jokingly, it is said that the dentists in India don't advise their clients to brush their teeth the night before sleeping as it will result in loss of their business.
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    While the school children are being taught to brush two times a day for sure to maintain the dental hygiene, the people of India failed to keep their promise and especially the villagers who use the Neem stem as the tooth brush and charcoal as the tooth paste are subjected to more detail problem in the future. And the dental doctors are having field day as their charges are whooping and ordinary people cannot sustain more rates. That is the reason there are quacks been seen near Charminar who are not the qualified dental doctors but they got the best experience out of hereditary business and their charges are also most reasonable. Invariably we can see many old city people visiting these so called doctors and got removed their tooth much to the presence of onlookers as these so called clinics are located on the road side shops.
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    Most of the experts suggest two times brushing of the teeth for keeping them clean and devoid of food particles. Many people follow this as a routine in their lives. But when it comes to dental hygiene there is much more that can be done to keep them really clean for the entire day. One thing which is easy and can be done is to rinse the mouth thoroughly after taking any snacks or any liquid food. Most of us are munching something while walking or travelling but do not clean our mouth after such indulgences. It definitely requires some discipline in cleaning the mouth after every spell of munching and eating things but it helps a lot in keeping the dental hygiene. I am also not much disciplined in this practice but I think if we all follow it then it will be very beneficial for keeping our teeth clean and healthy.
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    After we eat something, we have to see that no remnants of food will be there in between the teeth or in the teeth. This is very important. But unfortunately, we will never give priority to this when we are in our early ages. Then only the tooth decay will start. Once it is started it is very difficult to stop that. So elders should teach the kids about the importance of brushing their teeth properly and two times a day. My granddaughter was not hearing and washing her teeth regularly. But her teacher explained to her the importance of brushing her teeth. Now she never stops two times brushing a day.
    If you are interested to know more about this subject, I suggest you go through the article for which the link is given below.
    How to maintain good dental health and have healthy teeth and gums

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