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    Are all ISC members the co-owners of this channel?

    Who owns the ISC education channel? one of the modern best education channels. This question may arise in the minds of many members. So I think it's important to discuss this here. In this channel, we see the existence of these three types of names Webmasters, Editors, and Members. But everyone contributes to the channel content. According to the contribution, everyone gets paid and gets a share of the revenue. Those who have approved Adsense also get paid by Google. But will all the members of this channel be considered the owner? I may be wrong and what is your general idea. Share here for information purposes.
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    ISC is also a company under the name and style Spider Works Technologies based at Kochi and our three webmasters namely Tony, Timmy and Jose are manning this website under the wholesome support and advice from Managing editors and scores of other editors. Except the three webmasters none can claim the ownership but being part and parcel of the daily operations and getting involved in sharing and contributing the contents to this esteemed site, we feel proud to be part of the organization and keep going. Surely the regular members are the pillars for this organization who are making daily contributions and building the reputation for the site and make it earnings good and our editors are doing their best to have the spam free contents and thus within short period ISC has become the world class educational site.
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    It is always better to have that ownness. The person who works for a company should think that the company belongs to him as long as he is an employee ther That belongingness only will allow us to do our best. Generally, some employees will be very loyal to their organisation and they will grow fast in the organisation. In the same way, if a member of ISC who is a very regular contributor feels that he is also a co-owner of the site, then it is a really good feeling all others get. Yes, We are all stakeholders in the site. We are working and getting two benefits. Our knowledge on various topics is getting enhanced and we are also getting some small money for some minor expenses. So definitely we should feel that ISC is our and always work for the betterment of the site so that we will also get the advantage. A good thought by the author and I appreciate him for his thinking.
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    ISC is an online property owned by its owner who is incidentally the webmaster of this site also. There could be some joint owners also depending upon how the company is registered and owned. The volunteering editors are helping the site in various ways and their contributions have much significance. Coming to the members we are simply contributing in various sections and earning some points and cc for that. The responsibility of members is limited to the contribution of good quality material and once it is approved by the editors and published the job of members is over. Then they can submit their fresh work. I just want to add that this is our site only and we have to make efforts for its progress and prosperity. The site would flourish only when members contribute their best and editors give their time and apply their experience to check and comment for the improvement of the content. I wish and hope that this would develop as the best educational portal in our country.
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    This thread raised a very pertinent question. Not merely what the author has literally asked but much more beyond that. Let us ponder as to what is ownership? Do we really own anything literally in this world during our transitory passage?

    In a way we own everything, the earth, the atmosphere, the environment and what not and we have to consistently starve to maintain it as if it is our own. Though on the other hand we own nothing.

    We have to love, respect and honour the ISC as if it is our own. This love has to be absolute in nature and nothing to do with the cash credits or points earned or not earned by us.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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