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    Regret is the gap between what we wanted and what has actually gone through

    In our life we would never regret if the things are as envisaged and as achieved. But we regret when what we actually wanted has never happened but something happened to which we have no idea. For example there are instances when the alliance was seen for the elder girl and the groom has chosen the younger girl in the same house and insisted to get married. Or we applied for a particular job and got an exclusive offer from the same organization for other job to which we are surprised and even regretting as the post was low and the salary not on par. So regrets has many flashbacks from everyone of us.
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    We will never regret if all the things happen as we envisaged. Regret will come only when there is a difference between what we expected and what happened. Any decision we should take in such a way that we need not regret our decision afterwards. If somebody asks for something which is not practical our answer should be such that the person who asked initially should regret his question. When we take up a task we should work in such a way that no mistake will take place and in the end, we should not feel regret for our actions.

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    It is a natural human tendency that whenever there is a failure or partial success in a task, we all regret and feel bad that we could not undertake the things in the best possible ways. Feeling of regret remains there for some time but we soon forget it as we have some other things to attend and undertake in our lives. The feeling of regret is essential in the sense that we realise that we did some mistakes in our working that led to the present situation. We always learn from our past deeds and try to correct them in future. During those endeavours the feeling of regret would emerge intermittently to reminds our faults and follies.
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