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    Completion and discovery should not be in competing mode

    When it comes to delivering the results, the performance and the learning are the part and parcel of happenings And the performance may be towards the ultimate results or nurturing next level creativity. While task completion is most visible to others and even noted, the learning process is not seen. Performance is always linked to earning whereas the commitment to learn is at low ebb. So learning leads to new discovery and the performance leads to completion and therefore both are not competing with each other.
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    I am not able to get completely what the author wants to communicate. Completion and discovery. Completion of work will depend on the ability of the individual. Sometimes to complete a work we may have to discover certain things. We see an interconnection in such issues. Sometimes the completion may not require any invention. Whether you discovered something is not important only when the other person looks at the final result. But when someone does an impossible task by inventing a new point the achiever will definitely receive accolades and noteworthy appreciation will come from all the areas.
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