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    Have you ever met or seen any celebrity from close quarters?

    I have never made efforts on my part to meet any celebrity just for the sake of obtaining his/her autograph or for enjoying the thrills of meeting a celebrity. However, there were occasions when I happen to encounter a celebrity by chance unexpectedly.

    Once I was travelling by train with my family from Mumbai to Kolkata in the year 1985 or so. When the train stopped near Akola at the midnight or in the wee hours of the morning, Mr Iftikhar Khan and a few other Bollywood personalities boarded the train. They had come there in connection with some shooting and had to reach somewhere. They were expecting that the people will welcome them and offer them at least a place to sit. But I noticed that nobody cared for them and they remained standing as such for hours together.

    Have you any such interesting anecdotes to share and discuss here?
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    Yes I had the chance to meet three celebrities so for. One was the Koneru Humpy , Telugu actress Charmi and other being famous Telugu director and actor Narayana. All are very simple and gave the chance to talk and know about them and it is great gesture on their part to feel the fans reaction on seeing them. But what the author shared is stunning. Normally Bollywood heroes show lots of tantrums and avoid the crowding and therefore the crowd also not interested in them. Good that the fans made them to stand in the train and probably the fans would have thought that when they are eligible to go by other transport why they opted a train and that too a crowded train and there is a laxity on their planning and thus ably punished by not offering the seat. By the way the celebrities should also feel the pinch of common man travel challenges.
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    In 2014, I met the famous Bengali writer, chartered accountant and hunter, Buddhadeb Guha. I wrote about our conversation in Response No. #623662 of this post. Buddhadeb Guha has left the world very recently.

    But here I want to mention a hilarious incident. Once in 1994, there was a shooting of a dance sequence of Hindi film going on in a beautiful garden near Ooty. Our group was touring Ooty at that time. One of my friends and myself were simply struck by the beauty of a dancer who was dancing as an associate of the heroine. My friend and myself were discussing (somewhat loudly) about the beautiful dancer and a man with a very heavy make-up was listening to our discussion very intently. After 10-15 seconds, we realised that the man was none other than Govinda, the hero of the film. We were embarrassed that we had not recognised him earlier.

    My friend and I left the shooting scene in a hurry.

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    About 52 years back I was living in the hill town Nainital and was pursuing my PG course. One day we got the news that some shooting of a movie was going on in the Naini lake and there was a good crowd on the side of the lake watching them. Next day was Sunday and we also went there to watch the shooting. While shooting, the cast came near the lake end and we saw Rajesh Khanna and Asha Parekh from a short distance. Rajesh Khanna at one moment of time waved hands to the fans also. We all were quite thrilled with that incident. That was my encounter with a celibrity from such a close quarter.
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    Once I was travelling to Madurai from Chennai by a famous private bus. That bus was named for safety and mankind. When I board into the bus, a tamil cine actor alighted from the bus and asked me whether any milk shop available nearby for his small child. I suggested him not to keep the milk in the flask for more hours for the child and if told the driver would stop the bus at the needy hours. Agreed actor came into the bus again and fortunately he was sitting with his wife and small child in the before seat of mine. When the child start shaking for food, he told me and I went to the driver. He stopped the bus on the nearing tea shop, I and he went to shop and I asked the shop person to wash the flask with some hot water and pour a cup of milk with light sugar, The actor just starred me and we ordered coffee also for us. He asked me how I knew that the driver would stop the bus and then I told about the bus service which I used to travel regularly only through that bus and about the kindness of the driver and aid driver.

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    No, I have not got any such opportunity yet, I have visited Mumbai once but in that one-week trip, I got many opportunities to visit but did not meet any celebrity in any place. When I was a child it was just like my other dreams to meet someone who belongs to the industry. At that time I thought that people who are working in the film industry or on television are real stars just like other stars who are twinkling in the sky. But after growing gradually we understood that they are also human like us and whatever they are doing is all their career which is also chosen by them, then why would we follow them like a god or someone very specialist. Now I do not have any such wishes to meet any celebrity.

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    Oneday I was travelling from Tirupathi to Hyderabad on a flight. Sunitha is a very famous singer and dubbing artist in Telugu movies. She is a TV anchor also for many music-based programmes. She was also travelling on the same flight and she was in the same row where I was sitting. The journey was about 90 minutes. So I have an opportunity to discuss with her on music. During the discussion, it was revealed that one of her close relatives was my friend.
    In the same way, another time I met the famous Telugu hero Nagarjuna while I was travelling from Mumbai to Hyderabad on a flight. He was sitting alone in one corner of the airport before boarding the flight. Nobody went to him or talked to him. Even I also did not meet him there. But on the flight, we were in the same row. Even then we have no much talking. He smiled while staring at me and I reciprocated. That's all.

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    We have a lot of curiosity to know how a celebrity looks in flesh and blood. Yes, in 1991 I had seen the Superstar Rajesh Khanna. It so happened that my mother had visited Mumbai to meet my elder sister and I was also there. As she was returning to Calcutta from Bombay by early morning flight, I went to the airport with my brother-in-law to see her off. As I was a fan of Rajesh Khanna, my brother-in-law pointed out to him. He was clad in white Kurtha and pajama and he had become a politician during that time. He just smiled at me and I was very glad to see the person whom I had always wanted to meet.

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