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    Should the content be informative, educative or useful?

    Most of the members of our great site are good content writers and they bring in varied post which would tempt us to respond immediately. But the contents are of different kinds. There are some members who would like to share new informative matters to which none of us are not aware. There are few who want to share something educative to enhance our knowledge and there are many members who would be sharing useful information as content. Nevertheless how we take the contents to our stride and reply them is the take here. What is your reaction ?
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    Content writing is a challenging art. For an effective content we require many things like knowledge, references, context in which the content is to be made, and writing skills. Once these things are amalgamated well then a good content is produced. Depending upon the purpose of the content it would look like an information or knowledge piece. Today we are living in an age of internet information and contents of various forms and presentations are available for each and every topic. Sometimes it becomes difficult to choose the one from such a large lot. In essence a good content would always attract our attention due to its preciseness, accuracy, and mode of presentation.
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    I believe that every content is unique in it's own ways. The writer has different objectives when they write any content and these objectives cannot be aprehended easily by us as readers. At most, we can understand that meaning and demonstrate our viewpoint that is what we do here. A content can be crisp with facts however the writer's motive can be to enhance the knowledge of their writers or to motive them to learn about the topic mentioned. Whatever it might be i believe that I appreciate all kind of content, be it filled with impressive thoughts or something filled with news. It's a form of art we love in all kinds.
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    The title of this thread and its content is not very clear. Members post the threads depending on their choices and the respondents also respond depending on their knowledge to continue the discussion. There is no hard and fast rule that the post has to be on such and such topic, but all of them must follow the posting guidelines. The posts also should not be something that people share on social media. The important thing is to share something that is original and not fake. When you are sharing some information it must be a valid one and not something that is circulating on social media platforms and misguiding in nature. Whether you are sharing something informative or educative they all are useful.

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    A combination of information as per the targeted audiences and easy to read also interesting to read would be first priority for any content creator. Before writing, we need to understand the demand of the platform or we can the demand of the targeted audience. If we are giving history information on a platform when demand is for fashion content then our all content will go in vain, so what a creator should understand is the demand and need of the readers. Then give detailed research on the topic and finally provide the missing and all information that you find best for your audience.

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