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    In Andhrapradesh there is a power holiday for industries!

    In Andhra Pradesh, there is a power holiday for industries. Even though the rates are increased substantially for each unit still the power is in shortage. Due to inadequate power supply, the AP was declared a power holiday for all industries.Is there any state which is similar to AP?
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    It is very unfortunate that AP has been suffering from shortage of power and thus power holiday has been imposed due to paucity of electric supply. Fortunately Telangana has been giving us the power 24 hours without interruptions and though the rates are increased people would not feel bad because the service is good and no power cuts. Even agriculture and Industries are given the full wanted power input and our state has been producing the surplus power through various means and thus we are in the top of the country in terms of power supplies. There seems to be mismanagement in AP in all ministries to which Jagan Mohan Reddy is very unhappy and thus all the ministers are requested to handed over their resignations so that new strong performing cabinet would be formed soon in Andhra Pradesh.
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    I feel for the people of Andhra Pradesh. They are now under an inexperienced but arrogant Chief Minister who is more interested in missionary appeasement and satisfying his own ego than taking care of state administration. It is quite natural that there is huge power shortage in the state even when the unit rate of consumption is increasing rapidly.

    Situation is indeed not good for the people of the state.

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    In India some of the states are self sufficient in electrical power while some are having shortage of it. There is a national grid through which the states which are having shortage of power can buy power from outside states. Even the big industrial consumers can buy a part of their electrical power from outside states through the national grid. It is not understood why Andhra Pradesh is not able to buy electrical power from the national grid. Is it due to the shortage of state government revenue or something else?
    Declaring a holiday for industries just because of power shortage does not appear to be a good decision. This will be considered as a backward step in our development.

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    When Chandrababu Naidu was the Chief Minister, the state was having surplus power and no power holiday or power cut in the state. 24 X 7 power supply was there. But now the situation is completely different. Many industries went back from the State and no new industries are coming. Even then there is a power shortage. What a pity?
    The present state government is very incapable and not able to maintain a developing mode in the state. Power tariff is increased. The fuel rates are higher than Karnataka and even higher than that of Telangana. Liquor rates are very high. That way the government is getting very amount from the sales of these amounts.
    In the coming days, the situation may be much worst and people will feel the pinch of summer without fans and ACs during hot summer.

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