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    Do you view movies or series as a way of escaping reality?

    It is not hidden that our lives are filled with difficulties at every path. We face these demons and cross them or let them consume us. Whatever it might be, our reality is our definition and that is how our life is. However when we are in a theatre watching a movie, for some time at least we forget about some of our troubles and find ourselves drowning in the screen and the stories. In the recent years we have seen a huge growth in the entertainment industry, producing movies and series every now and then, most of which are high budgeted. And these movies or series also do well and people watch them not once but maybe even twice.
    As I mentioned, sometimes you find yourself dwelling in the story of a movie and letting go of your reality, do you think that currently that is the feeling why people watch movies so often?
    Are you someone who watches movies as a form of entertainment or to lull your worries for a while?
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    What I feel that the directors of the movie or the serial on television are dishing out such stories which would not happen in real life but a fiction has been created and the screen play is done in such a way that the viewers are demanding the same without any remarks. In every movie or the serial more than one husband or wife concept has been introduced and the story revolves around those two characters but in real life the stories cannot happen as such. And one hero beating scores of hench man and not getting injured is something escaping from the reality. The fighting scenes always conclude in the favor of hero no matter the villain is so powerful with battery of henchman to taker revenge. And even song sequences cannot be trusted and believed that so many costumes and locales change in a song.
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    Purpose of entertainment of any kind is to divert our mind to something amusing and interesting and forgetting our hectic schedule for sometime. There are many such indulgences where we forget our worries and enjoy that activity. Viewing movies is one of them. There is nothing like a good movie having a captivating story plot and good cinematography. I remember when I started seeing the movies made by Alfred hitchcock then I was so much attracted to those suspense and thrilling stories that one by one I tried to see all the movies which were directed and produced by the great director. I had even viewed some of them multiple number of times.
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    Many of us believing the films and serials depicting total reality, but in the real sense they have been pictured some real points into an elongated way, We should see them in an entertainment way but focusing the solution of a single problem or situation in the serial or picture. In cinemas hero and heroine singing duets and in some movies hero was singing solo on the roads, can we follow the same in real life?

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    The film can be considered the best medium of entertainment, especially when it does not contain any such facts which are provocative. For me, this is the easiest and best means of entertainment, because truly when we watch a movie or series we may forget all other our stress and just become a part of the movie that time. Many times we also relate our life with some of the circumstances of the movie scene and feel like attached to it. After completing the movie we may again back to the reality of our world and again become part of it.

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    No. Not for that. One should watch a movie for entertainment and get some relaxation from all the other problems and worries in our mind. We will be always thinking about the work that is on our hands or the way we have to complete the work. So our mind will be always thinking about those issues only and we will not have any relaxation. So to avoid those thoughts and to have some fun and entertainment we will go to the movies.
    Of course, some movies will be giving us some messages while entertaining us. We should not think that what is shown in a movie is a reality and we should never try to use them in our day to day life. They are all just to watch and forget. Some people who are not mature enough may think that they can try all those tricks shown and will be left with disappointment only.

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