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    Can anybody tell me about content writing

    Nowadays, I am seeing many content writing job. Is it easy to become content writer? What criteria would be needed? Is there need any experience before starting it. And tell me about social science content writer. Dear member, please share your view.
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    In fact what you doing as a ardent member of this site is the content writing. Content writing has become more famous and sought after in the internet because the reach and search for every item on the internet is being done therefore there has been more demand for content writing. For that matter content writing may be anything. Like writing articles to this site, or giving a detailed ask me reply in this channel. The content writing also includes writing reviews on movies and entertainment and also about the site to which you are requested to work. The daily updation of the happening in any company is also called the content writing and those who are habituated in the India study channel are mostly welcome in the internet to write the contents as they sought. I am already doing for two companies in content writing.
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    Content writing is a very big field having diverse character. Writing about a particular subject or topic with detailed information and knowledge is the first and primary face of content writing. Generally content writing is done for a particular purpose. It could be to advertise a product, to make people fully aware of some issue, to present a complete description of an item, and things like that.
    Companies generally hire content writers for some specific purpose or a short term basis or on a regular basis. Sometimes company takes help of a content providing service in which the company gets a content as per its exact requirement. The content provider in turn hires content writers of repute and provides the service.

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    Content writing is writing about a subject in your own words. You should not copy sentences from other writings. You have to understand the needs of the person who gave you the assignment of content writing. For this, you should have the required knowledge of the subject asked for. So you have to read about that subject and understand it and then write the content in your own words.
    This content writing can be in any language but most of the jobs will be in writing in English only. So we should have good language skills in that language. Then only people will accept your writings. So to become a good content writer the main requirement is to have proficiency in the language and the second one is the subject knowledge in which you have to write.
    So start working in that direction and you will become a good content writer.

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