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    You are result oriented because the way of approach was with cool attitude.

    When it comes to success story of many, the yardstick they have followed are different according to the task and the experience. But there has been extremely peaceful situation when the result oriented way was because the approach was with cool attitude. And if the approach concerned to group working then our responsibility would be furthermore as coordination between the persons and making them further comfort in discharging their duties should be our paramount importance. And taking work from subordinates should be reciprocative and not authoritative.
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    That may not be universal always. Keeping our cool is always better. I agree. But when it comes to extracting work from others, sometimes our coolness may be taken as an advantage by some people. So we may have to show our unhappiness and show our anger also with the people who are trying to avoid the work. You may keep internally cool, but you have to show others that you are angry. Then only sometimes, the work may move positively.
    Some people keep their cool when they know how they can manage the situation even after the assigned work is not completed in time or the work was not happening the way expected. Such people escape from the situation by throwing the blame at other people. This happens many times in many offices. The people who can manage their bosses will keep cool always and at the last minute they throw the blame on somebody else and he may become a victim also for these people's unethical approaches.

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    Keeping cool while working or undertaking a task is a great trait. It may not be always possible to get success in a job with that mindset and approach but the fact is that a cool mind and cool approach to working is always an asset. People who keep cool in their work generally have a low level of stress and that itself is a great achievement. I have also observed that the people who work with a cool and stable mind are generally adored by their fellow workers and colleagues and they often come to them for advice and ways to keep themselves cool even in challenging situations.
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