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    Where have the parrots gone?

    2020 was a terrible year for me. Continuous panic-mongering by some television channels and news portals took a very heavy toll on me. More importantly, I lost my father. I could not attend his funeral as I was stuck in Delhi and he breathed his last in Kolkata. I was extremely depressed and locked myself within the rooms of my residence. Only in the evening, I used to go to the terrace. I used to feel all-encompassing silence (without mental peace). However, the silence was occasionally broken by the chirping of parrots. I watched thousands (yes, thousands) of parrots. The old mango tree just beside our residence was always full of parrots.

    The terrible year ended. 2021 came. We somehow brought our very sick mother to our residence in Delhi. I started going to office. But, during the peak of second wave, three members of our family suffered from Corona. Very astonishingly but very fortunately, my very old mother escaped from this deadly disease. In that year also, I used to go to our terrace, and could see parrots. Instead of thousands, I used to notice hundreds of parrots.

    2021 was a mixed bag for me. My mother left the world smilingly within a few seconds in presence of my daughter and my sister's daughter, while enjoying a popular television programme. Later my daughter left Delhi and went to Vadodara for higher studies.

    Life has slowly started becoming normal in 2022. Although third wave of Omicron came in 2022, very fortunately it did not affect much. People now go out, drive vehicles, go to malls and have been trying to live a normal life.

    Now, I go to our terrace only on holidays. The mango tree is now full of buds. The peculiar sweet smell comes out from the fallen mango buds. Everything seems to be normal.

    But, this year I don't see any parrot. Not even a single one!

    Where have the parrots gone in 2022?
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    During COVID times we also used to notice many sparrows, parrots and crows on the plants that are in the front and back yard of my house. Those days, the people confined themselves to their houses and moment in vehicles was very less. So there is a reduction in pollution in the streets and that made many birds to come out freely. Those day the greenhousegases emissions were less and hence the air is more friendly. But again we are seeing heavy moment of vehcilcs and hence the pollution is coming back to normal levels. The temperatures are also increasing and that is making the birds to ge in their nests only instead of roaming out I feel.
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    From the submissions of the author there seems to unending misery for the people, nature and animals during the covid period and we could able to get treatment and doses, but animals were not treated and may be they suffered the death. Normally parrots are seen during the month of March to May during which the mango tree would be with wholesome fruits and they would certainly have the feast. Among the worst affected birds and animals are the parrots which also depends on human feeds and monkey which thrive on human food offerings. The frustrated monkeys in some temple towns are so hungry that they are ready to snatch the pilgrims bag and check for any eatables and if nothing found, they would throw away the bag. Such is the mentality of animals and soon everything would change to normal and even parrots would be seen.
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    Such a bad day comes in human life, then many people have had such a situation during the recent pandemic. I am sorry to know that you too have had to go through a difficult situation. But all is a game of epidemics. However, it is not possible to make up for the loss, but it is a serious obstacle for you to overcome from those days.
    All the birds come and go in harmony with nature. But a picture of memory goes deep into our minds. That's why we remember them at the right time. In our area there are parrots, and I hear their calls almost every morning. From the buds of the mango, the young mango has grown in the mango trees here. Naturally, you may be waiting for the birds to arrive.

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    Parrot species around the world are found to be threatened with extinction. There have been research that suggests that there is a large scale and wide-spread habitat destruction for them and that is the main cause for the dwindling population of parrots across the globe. Wildlife traders are also causing harm to the parrots as the parrots can be sold for a good price in the market to the pet lovers.
    Deforestation coupled with human modified landscapes is said to be the main culprit for reducing population of many species including the parrots. Why the parrots suddenly vanished from the mango tree near the author's house is a question of great investigation. It could be some disease that might had killed a large number of them. Anyway, it is a matter of concern that we lose sight of such a good number of parrots coming to that location during earlier years regularly. It is definitely a sad event.

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