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    Have you ever googled your name and found anything worth sharing here?

    Many people often search their names on search engines like Google to find something about themselves on the net. I personally, don't find any harm in such a habit provided it is not too excessive. But for finding anything about themselves, they have to have something to search for. Students who have topped the board examination are bound to find mention of their names in the news items appearing in various internet resources. Similarly, the persons who have done outstanding research which is worth publication in the national or international journals of repute-, can invariably find their names appearing on googling. But many people in society are so self-centred bordering on the verge of being a narcissist that they keep on googling their names without much success.

    Have you ever googled your name and found anything worth sharing here? It may be a light-hearted response also.
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    There is a problem to search my name on the Google. If we type K Mohan, then whole lots of information on South Indian actors and singers are being displayed. In South we have the prefix for every name and Google also takes our Gmail log in as most authentic and in that case if we search with my name then ISC contributions, then Twitter sharing also appears.
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    An interesting thread has been raised by the author, No, this has not happened to me yet, but yes once I did a Google search on the topic of one of my articles, which I found on the first page itself. This was also a very proud experience for me because before this I have not found any of my articles on Google's first page like this. This was an article I wrote for an NGO. Though it is a dream for many to display their name in a google search it is also exciting when a writer his/her article in the top search, hope we all will see our articles in google search soon.

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    I also try the same thing sometimes. I might have done it only 2 or 3 times in the last 15 years. I found one more person with the same name and I got to know that he is my cousin and staying in the US. My father's grandfather and his father's grandfather were brothers ( Sons of the same parents). Before that, I never know him.
    I have seen some papers I have published during my PhD and afterwards in my career were also seen in the search results.
    It is fun to search by typing our name in google. When I was doing that oneday I found a photo in which I was present in The Hindu, Bangalore version. Two days before that we had a meeting at a state university in Karnataka. There I and the Chairman of the company where I was working at that time met the VC and Registrar and signed an agreement. This matter was covered in The Hindu. But we never know that. But in the search, I could get and take a print of that news and shared it with the Chairman.

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    I had tried to search in Google by giving my name and then I came to know that there are so many 'Umesh' who are doing outstanding work in various areas. Some were in sports, some were businessmen, some were heading NGO organisations and so on but I did not find my name anywhere. I went to the first 2-3 pages and there were many who were presented there through Google search. That clearly shows that this world is a very very big place and there will be so many people with the same name as per their importance and the Google search engine algorithm, their names would be displayed in the pages obtained after the search. Maybe if I continue further seeing more pages in the sequence I might see my name also there in some reference of my work that I am doing in some online sites.
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