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    Indian democracy is very strong when compared to other country

    The way the things are unfolding in Pakistan gave the great impression that our constitution and democratic principles are very strong we must take pride about it. In the first instance Imran Khan dissolved the national assembly and ordered for elections. Then Pakistan SC has to interfere and restored the assembly and even no confidence motion was held and eventually Imran Khan lost the power. Now the opposition leader wants to become PM and Imran party threatened to resign en masse. So instead of finding solution the Pakistan is creating more problem to them and they are in confused mind. What is your reaction to the happenings there ?
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    Everyone must remember that when Prime Minister Indira Gandhi declared a state of emergency in the 1980s, there was a huge threat to democracy, but she went to the polls and nothing happened as we thought the opposition parties would face intimidation and obstruction. He lost the election. So I think there are some elements of resistance, they can be stronger if there is no fear. And for this fear, it is necessary to express the anger of the people. There are some brave newspapers in our country that do not hesitate to take risks in publishing something. There are some such TV stations, there are radio stations, but they are acting as the carriers of today's democracy. And due to this, various public meetings can be held for which the common people are getting the opportunity to be timely. Therefore, in principle, the original text of democracy in all countries is correct, but its application is hampered due to various external reasons. We are still proud to say that democracy has not come to an end in our country.
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    There is no point in thinking about what is happening in Pakistan because that's how their nation functions. All the elected governments are in the grip of their army and they always have the last say. Do we need to feel proud of our democracy because of the present situation in Pakistan or because we have a vibrant democracy here? If the countrymen feel they are enjoying all of their democratic rights they will automatically feel proud of it and act responsibly. There is no need to feel something special about our democracy because there is turmoil in the neighbouring country. We must not forget our responsibilities and do whatever is required to protect the democracy that the world respects.

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    Maybe some problem in Pakistan this time. PM lost the majority and he is out of power. New PM is coming. That is their internal problem. We need not be very happy with the state of affairs in that country.
    No doubt Indian democracy is very strong. Indian voters will always have a final say in the formation of the government but not the military or any other person. Of course, after winning the politicians may do whatever they like and may not go for the betterment of the country or the people of the country. Then people can't do anything except waiting for the next elections.

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