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    What could be reason for very less takers on first day of National booster rollout

    We all know that the booster dose of vaccine for all ages has been rolled out and even private hospitals were authorized to facilitate vaccine and the price also lowered with a aim to reach out to everyone. But the first day has very less takers across the country as hardly 10,000 people taken the booster dose and probably many are not aware of the new facilities extended across the country. What is your reaction on the matter that very less people gone for the dose which is cheaper than expected? Do you see a surge in participation in the coming days?
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    The main reason may be that the people are feeling that it is not very essential to have the booster dose. Now the virus is in control and the number of cases reported is also very less. So the attention of the people is diverted. Their priorities changed. Now they have to concentrate on their day to day life.
    We have taken the booster dose in January 2022 itself. Those days were only for senior citizens and who completed 9 months after the second dose only were given a booster dose. But now all ages people can go for this booster.
    Now the fear of corona is not there as the majority of the people suffering from it in the third wave and the severity during the third wave was not high. So people are thinking it can be cured easily. This feeling may be also one of the reasons for this.

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    It is a human tendency to go a bit relaxed when they feel there is n emergency or urgency. Thanks to the combined efforts of scientific and medical community and good support from industrial and governmental level, vaccine was invented and by the full co-operation of major section of the population it could be given to a great number of the population. And, due to that the severity and criticality due to the infection had come down. We owe our thanks to a lot of people for that.
    Now as the mortality and criticality rate has come down ,there is a feeling among people that this also is like many other diseases. So people feel a third booster dose is not an emergency need or a priority. Moreover a feeling has now prevailed among people(which may be partly right too) that the pharma sector is trying to exploit the situation to their favor by creating unnecessary fear and the third booster dose is another way of increasing their business.
    People also feel that the greedy pharma sector especially the large multinationals have a vested interest in creating newer and newer viruses to keep the fear in people's mind and make them slave to their business machinations.
    I feel this is the right time for our country to give more attention to medical research and medicine manufacture and curtail dependence on other countries. Let the Covid experience help us to become more self sufficient in making ourselves ore self-sufficient and self-sustaining in every important field.

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    There are many people above 60 years of age who have already taken the booster jabs. Now slowly other people would also come for that. It is not that people are not aware of the importance of this but due to laziness and lethargy, they would be going for it leisurely. There are many people who feel that the danger of Covid is not now there and are confused that whether they should go for it or not. Actually, if we see the worldwide data then this menace is still there in many parts of the world and can spread from one place to another. It would be better that as a safeguard to our health as well as the health of our community we should go for the booster job as early as possible.
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