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    Are you close to any person who shares your name?

    We all have different names given mostly by our parents. Some names are quite popular and many people share the same name. We often come across people sharing our name in our school, college, workplace and neighbourhood etc. Richa, Priyanka, Ramesh, Mohan etc. are some examples of very popular names in northern India.

    How many people, do you know, who share your name? Is anyone of them quite close to you? How do you get along with him/her? Is he or she one of your relatives or friends?

    The name of one of my distant relatives is Kailash Nath. Thus we share only the first name, not the middle name. We have good relations.

    What do you have to share about the chosen topic of this thread?
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    My name 'Partha' is a very common name among the Bengalis. So, I have many friends in my school-college-universities who bear the same name. When I was in the training school after joining Eastern Railway, there were three trainees besides me carrying the same name. I have some relatives also having the same name.

    I enjoy cordial relationship with some Partha-s who have come in my life.

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    During my graduation, one of my lecturer have the name similar to mine with similar initial, He was taking accountancy and Banking Law for us, I used to sit with my HOD for some departmental library work, One day our HOD entered into our class when the lecturer with my name was taking class, Our HOD simply told our lecturer,"Mr. P.R, send that P.R" by showing me where I used to sit in the first bench of the class. This was very casual but the way of telling by our HOD was very impressive and even today we both remembers - as both PRs presently too we meeting frequently.

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    My name is Srinivasa Rao and in both, the Telugu states the name is very popular as it is the name of Lord Venkateswara of Tirumala Tirupathi. So I know many people with the same name. My cousin is also Srinivasa Rao. The surname is also the same. He stays in the US and we both are close. We will be in touch through WhatsApp and once in a while we talk with each other.
    The name of the builder who constructed our house is also Srinivasa Rao and he is a good friend of mine. He worked for me at some concessional rates when he built my house.
    There are many other Srinivasa Raos whom I know and interact with them for various reasons. The name of the person who issued the ISO certificate to our company is Srinivasa Rao. The name of the person who worked with me for the AS certification for our company is Srinivasa Rao. The list will extend to many other Srinivasa Raos with whom I worked.

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    By the way my name is famous in Hyderabad and many share my name at least in part form. Mohan Rao is a close friend of our previous colony and he would in touch with me through social media. Mohan Reddy is a famous builder with whom I had the contacts of getting some land required for his constructions. Dr Mohan is known as the physician of par excellence and he the child doctor. Mohan Das is the great scientist worked with NRSA and I am in touch with him. Mohan Kumar is the colleague in my office and therefore there is close bonding always. Macha Mohandas is the political leader and when ever me meets me he would talk Politics. Likewise there are many people who carry part of my name and even initial and thus remain in contact with me. The name should be short and sweet so that others would connect with us.
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