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    If life had only one day, how would you live it?

    This is a very strange question, but if you go deep into it, then you will understand that this question itself has been an answer for you, the answer that we often ask ourselves and sometimes others. After all, what is the purpose of our life and how should we live it. Suppose your life was only for one day and you would have known that you have only these 24 hours you will not show either laziness, or become evil to others, not waste more time in sleeping in access, or criticism others or even yourself. You do not indulge in any such work that prevents you from living your one day happily. You just do whatever you want to do that makes you happy. If we give ourselves to hope for just one day every day, then perhaps we will be able to prove ourselves and our lives more meaningful.
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    Tricky question, but a good suggestion at the end of the post. Do whatever you like that makes you happy. For that, you need to make a list of things to do that will keep you happy. Now select which one to do first and then just put a mark after finishing each task. In the end, you will find you have done a couple of things and you are happy too. Just repeat the process if you get another day. But if your happiness depends only on completing some tasks or after an achievement then there is every chance of being unhappy sometimes. Also, try to find ways to remain happy without anything specific.

    "Life is easier when you enjoy what you do"

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    In our lives we have many uncertainties. We do not know what would happen at the next moment. So, we cannot speculate about our future and it makes sense to be happy and do our work and be satisfied with our lives. That is the mantra which is often seen in our scriptures and holy books also. Now coming to the supposition that what we should do if we come to know that life is only for a day. I think that we should not do anything specific and extra because when life is for only one more day then it does not make any sense to do something special. But at the same time we should live the time in hand happily and thank God that he had given us good time so far and now the time has come for departure and we are ready for that without any remorse in our hearts. That is the only thing that can be pursued at the eleventh hour of our lives and when we are mentally prepared for it then it does not hurt or pain us in any way.
    Knowledge is power.

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    If I had only one day to live in this world I would spend the 24 hours with greater planning. I would visit those who were my bitter enemies and seek pardon to forgive and forget me. I would thank my teachers and professors who were the part of my progress. I would meet my good friends who are with me at the good and bad time of the life. I would certainly meet my old employer who gave me a chance without seeking previous experience. I would help those who helped me financially when I was on crisis and surely ask me to pardon for giving back the money late. I would thank the God and parents for giving me this life which was full of challenges and less of happiness and thus would end up my life on the lap of the mother if she is alive. One thing is sure if life is short then all good things need to happen before the eventual death.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Nothing special we can do on that one day except spending time with our loved ones. I will ask all my family members to be with me on that day. We will eat together and sit together and try to share the happy moments of my life with them. If it is possible I will try to have a get together with some of my friends who are nearby and we will have dinner together. Then I tell my sons and my wife about the important things they should be aware of after my death. Then I will spend some time for prying the God for the welfare of my family members and try to be as happy as possible for the entire 24 hours.
    always confident

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    If life is compared to a fruit or an object, it can be said that it is a fruit or an object which has both taste and sadness. Life is a process, not an object. The mystery of life can be felt unequivocally, even though there is no scope, range, size, mass, or arrangement of life because it is not an object. Life has a beginning and an end. However, I am not sure how long the range of life will be. Similarly, it is not certain how much taste and how much sadness there will be in the scope of life. Everyone knows what the heart is like with the naked eye or we can find out if we want to know. But "soul" or life is not seen, even if we try a hundred times, we can neither see nor understand it. So in the end I will say that the realization of one day life will not work in anyone's mind in any way. Which you will not be able to say or understand. However, during normal activity, the people expired. This is my idea.
    Believe in the existence of God the superpower.

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    The author has raised a valuable question. I would like to pray to God for the whole day and plead to him to forgive me if I had unknowingly harmed anyone. Further,I would also donate my wealth for some good cause and feed the hungry so that the almighty would not send me back to earth and suffer once again in this world which would be much more intolerable

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    If I would be able to know my last day of my life in advance and if I remain physically active on that last day:

    (a) I would like to talk to my near and dear ones directly and telephonically;
    (b) Remember the Almighty and the elders who helped me in my life;
    (c) Read some of my favourite lines from my favourite books;
    (d) When the last moment comes very near, I would like to enjoy my last drink.

    Then, I would like to bid Adieu smilingly.

    “Khamosh rahoon toh mushkil hain, keh doon toh shikayat hoti hain" (It is difficult to remain silent; But if I speak, they complain.) --------- Saba Afghani

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    Ideally, people should have two lives - one for learning how to live by committing mistakes and the second life for actually living using the experiences gained in the previous life.

    However, as asked by the author of this post -how people will live, if life has only one day- different people will post different answers as their interpretation and meaning of life will vary.

    The younger persons without having responsibilities toward their spouses and children will not be able to understand the real meaning of one's own family. They know the family as their parents and siblings etc. only.

    There is a lot of difference between the life span being of only one -day duration and the people having only one day left in their life.

    Life of one-day duration only will be a life more like the life of an insect.

    Many people will die of a heart attack after knowing they have only one left in their life.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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